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Alya Howe offers 

another installment in the Antiviral Poetry Series. This one features poems read by Cassidy Willey, Julie Comins, Luisa Berne and Samuel Bernal. Alya finishes it with the reading of a chldren's story.

Tight Prose & Slack Lines: AntiViral Poetry #6

May 22, 2020

Today's episode features an original song by Callum Jenkins, Renee Prince reading a poem by Naomi Shihab Nye, an original poem by Kyle McHale, and a re-broadcast of a stirring poem read by Uche Ogbuji at last year's Mountain Fair.

AntiViral Part 5 features the voice of curator Alya Howe, with poems by Kristin Carlson, Iliana Renteria Bernal, Art Goodtimes (read by Alya Howe), and Charles Braddy. It also has a poem by Uche Ogbuji, who is bringing awareness to the devastating tragedy of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Last Wednesday was a day of awareness. Uche says "listeners should be aware even in this time of COVID, and if they can help, it's hard to imagine a more urgent cause." Click here for more information.

Antiviral Part 4 - Poems About Mothers

May 10, 2020

AntiViral Part 4 features the voice of curator Alya Howe, with poems by Rosemerry Trommer, Luisa Berne, Stefano De Fre, and Trina Ortega. Alya Howe finished out the segment with an additional poem by Billy Collins. Click here for individual poems in this episode.

KDNK celebrates Mother's Day in poetry and song on Express Yourself.

AntiViral Part 3 Keeps the Poetry Flowing

May 1, 2020

AntiViral Part 3 features the voices of curator Alya Howe, as well as poets Chris Ryerson, Nicole B. Hagg and Halle Zander, with additional poems by Lynn Unger and Kitty O'Meara.

Alya Howe Presents AntiViral Part 2

Apr 17, 2020

Honoring April as National Poetry Month, Alya Howe continues "AntiViral" on Express Yourself.

Alya Howe

Like a balm for worn souls, we are thankful that our global quarantine coincides with National Poetry Month! Alya Howe, founder of The Poetry Market and co-creator of Poets on Purpose, is beginning a new initiative on KDNK called "AntiViral." Her first collaborators are Rosemerry Wahtolla Trommer and Stefano Da Fre, each sharing original poetry inspired by our collective yet personal predicament.

Sophie Braziunas

Writ Large presented three local storytellers during the KDNK activation at Aspen Art Museum's Abraham Cruzvillegas exhibit on December 14. Writ Large is a live storytelling series curated by Alya Howe as part of Under Alya's Umbrella.

In collaboration with Aspen Words and The Poetry Market, KDNK hosted a poetry slam on December 13, 2019. Previewing the event, Raleigh Burleigh spoke with Ellie Scott of Aspen Words, organizer Alya Howe, and poets Jo Altmaier and Matt Roeser. Audio from the slam will be aired on Decemeber 28 at 10pm.

English In Action

English In Action hosts “Immigrant Voices,” a live storytelling event, at Thunder River Theatre in Carbondale Saturday. KDNK's Lucas Turner spoke with Sarah Kelly, program director of English In Action, and Alya Howe the event’s curator to find out more.


If walls could talk what might they say? Alya Howe seeks to answer that question with WALLS, her new multi-media show at The Wheeler Opera House on Sunday, October 27th at 7.30pm.

On Friday, September 21, The Launchpad in Carbondale hosts The Salon curated by Alya Howe. Performers include a filmmaker, dancers, and a comedian. Alya stopped by Express Yourself with playwright Cassidy Willey to share details about this and a partnership with Aspen Words, bringing poetry to youth at KDNK.

Writ Large

Alya Howe and storytellers Brandon Jones and Iliana Rentería Bernal joined Raleigh Burleigh on Express Yourself to share about their upcoming performance at The Wheeler Opera House.

In honor of October as domestic violence awareness month, Response presents Our Response: Survivor Stories at the Wheeler Opera House on October 18 at 5pm. Local poet, choreographer, artist and storyteller Alya Howe has worked closely with five women who will share their stories of surviving abuse and thriving. She stopped by Express Yourself to share details about the Writ Large Storytelling Series Event.

Alya Howe & Stefano Da Fre explain their artistic expression ahead of the showcase at The Salon Carbondale on Saturday, September 22nd at The Launchpad. 

Alya Howe

Alya Howe, artistic director of performing arts organization Under Alya's Umbrella, talks about the Poetry Market this Sunday July 22nd at 8pm at Wheeler Opera House in Aspen.  

Alya Howe

She's a creative dynamo with a new project, Nature in Translation, commissioned by The Wilderness Workshop. KDNK's Luke Nestler found out all about it.

Express Yourself

Sep 15, 2017

KDNK's Jill Rubin with Andrea Stewart of the Carbondale Chamber who helped organize next week's Carbondale Business Conference  and Luis Benitez of Colorado Creative Industries who will present at the Conference. And Luke sits down with Alya Howe, creator of Nature in Translation, a piece commissioned by The Wilderness Workshop.