Andrew Roberts-Gray

It took a few decades for Andrew Roberts-Gray to find his goove with his art. Then he discovered plexiglass. Since then his art career has taken off, with gallery representation, exhibitions and steady sales that enable him to devote all his time to his art practice. He is part of the current show at the Launchpad with Wewer Keohane and Brian Colley.

Reina Katzenberger and Andrew Roberts-Gray were selected to create a mural at the entryway of the new City Marked in Carbondale. Here the two artists describe their work and what's behind it with KDNK's Abby Gierke.

Andrew Roberts-Gray and Cate Tallmadge

Artists Julia March Crocetto and Cate Tallmadge both explore the present moment with paint and fabric. The results, touching on triumph and change, are currently on display at The Launchpad. For a glimpse into these works, and Cate's collaboration with artist Andrew Roberts-Gray, we join Raleigh Burleigh from the gallery...