Drawing by Alex Menard

Sopris Sun Editor Raleigh Burleigh is joined by Executive Director Todd Chamberlin. Then, Marble resident Alex Menard calls in to share his love of the Lead King Loop and dismay for its devastation by ATV traffic.

Kathleen Shannon/KDNK

At Marble’s Town Meeting April 1, the years-long conversation about ATV overuse continued. The Lead King Loop working group gave an update from its members, which represent every level of government involved in the Marble area. Still, not all attendees left the meeting satisfied.

Jon Kovash

The town of Marble has been getting...louder. And off-highway vehicles, better known as ATVs, are to blame. Marble town administrator Ron Leach spoke with KDNK about the issue.

Bill Kight

This month on For Land's Sake, host Bill Kight updates listeners on the State of the Rockies, an annual report from Colorado College. He also talks about the CORE Act, increased ATV usage, and takes calls from listeners.

Dispatch from the Undisputed Motorhead Capitol of the West

Jan 8, 2021
Jon Kovash

If you recreate in Moab much, you’ve probably noticed the increasing number of ATVs and UTVs on both roads and trails in the area. And you’ve probably noticed that they’re LOUD. In a special created by radio producers Jon Kovash and Josie Kovash, Moab community members fed up with noise and other impacts associated with these vehicles speak out about quality of life issues, community health, and the environment.