Climate Change

Crystal Valley a Candidate for Methane Capture

Aug 20, 2021

Senator Michael Bennet met Monday in Redstone with the Crystal River Methane Solutions Group, a local coalition that hopes to capture gas from area abandoned mines. KDNK’s Will Grandbois sat in.

Andrew Romanoff

This week on Everything Under The Sun, hosts James Steindler and Jeanne Souldern welcome Andrew Romanoff, executive director of the Family Visitor Programs, to talk about the Glenwood-based nonprofit's work to support families. Later, reporter Ken Pletcher joins from Michigan to chat about his recent letter highlighting the climate changes being witnessed there.

Native, invasive, and endangered fish have been found dead between De Beque and Grand Junction. More from KDNK’s Morgan Neely.

La Niña: Good News for CO or Wishful Thinking?

Jul 14, 2021

Pitco Supports Biden's 30 X 30 Plan

Apr 29, 2021

Pitkin County is made up of 83 percent federally protected lands or 808 square miles. County commissioners agreed to protect 30% of that by 2030. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh has this report.

Ski Area Trade Group Wants Stricter Climate Goals

Apr 29, 2021
Halle Zander photo

Hundreds of U.S. corporations recently signed a letter urging the Biden administration to increase its climate goals. Among them is the National Ski Areas Association, based in Lakewood, Colorado. KDNK’s Halle Zander reports.

Wide open spaces, like much of Wyoming, are known to be strongholds for pollinators like butterflies. They often contain critical habitat and food resources, far away from the disturbance of human civilization. But it turns out even those areas are under threat.

AZYEP Student Builds an Electric Snowmobile

Mar 7, 2021

Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program student DJ, Connor Hoffman, is building an electric snowmobile for Aspen Skiing Company. Listen to hear how this project came to be and how a high school sophomore is pulling off this massive feat. You'll also hear from Auden Schendler, Vice President of Sustainability at Aspen Ski Co., about fighting the climate crisis with electrification. 

The Story Behind the 2021 Imagine Climate Stories

Mar 3, 2021
Amy Hadden Marsh/KDNK

The Community Office for Resource Efficiency launched Imagine Climate 2021 this week with the unveiling of portraits on Colorado Mountain College buildings throughout the Valley. KDNK’s Kathleen Shannon spoke with Lara Whitley about the companion storytelling project.

Faces of Climate Change Grace Lappala Center

Feb 24, 2021
Amy Hadden Marsh/KDNK

The Community Office for Resource Efficiency’s (CORE) Stories of Climate Change community mural project is finished in Carbondale, and friendly faces are on the west wall of CMC’s Lappala Center. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh visited the site on Saturday to watch the crew in action.

courtesy photo

This month on Shifting Gears, Will Evans in Arizona speaks with Moran Sol Broza in Israel. Broza is a chef, social impact entrepreneur, and climate ambassador. She has many years of experience in community and business development, focused on positive social and environmental impact.


Major Ice Jams Form on Roaring Fork River due to Drought

Jan 26, 2021
Kathleen Shannon

On January 12, the National Weather Service issued a six day flood warning in Carbondale after a major ice jam released on the Roaring Fork River. Christina Medved, Director of Community Outreach at Roaring Fork Conservancy, explains the science.

Bicultural Murals Raise Local Climate Change Awareness

Jan 5, 2021

A new mural project is coming to the Roaring Fork Valley this month. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh spoke to Lara Whitley of the Community Office for Resource Efficiency or CORE to get the details. Mural submissions will be accepted beginning at noon January 6. For more information and to submit photo and audio, click here

Climate Change Programs Coming to Garco Libraries

Dec 8, 2020
Amy Hadden Marsh/KDNK

The Garfield County Library District just received a Resilient Communities grant for climate change-centered programs, which begin in January. KDNK’s Kathleen Shannon got the details from Community Engagement Coordinator Lisa Girardot.

The ancient people of western Utah’s Danger Cave lived well. They ate freshwater fish, ducks and other small game, according to detritus they left behind. They had a lush lakeside view, with cattails, bulrushes and water-loving willows adorning the marshlands.

Courtesy Photo

Glenwood Springs based attorney Karl Hanlon is running for Senate District 8 against Bob Rankin this election. He spoke with KDNK's Lucas Turner about issues like climate change, economic development and recovery, western slope water, healthcare costs and more.

courtesy photo

Glenwood Springs-based attorney Karl Hanlon is running for Senate District 8 against incumbent Bob Rankin. He spoke with KDNK's Lucas Turner about  climate change, western slope water, healthcare costs and more.

Have you ever fallen in love with a place — the same way you can fall in love with a person — and seen it change before your eyes? KDNK is proud to present CORE's 3rd Annual Roaring Stories: Climate of Love, recorded at Rock Bottom Ranch on September 16, in partnership with Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Lead With Love, WRIT LARGE, and GrassRoots Community Network.

Elizabeth Miller / Statesider

Reporter Elizabeth Miller joins KDNK's Gavin Dahl to discuss two recent articles, The Losing Coast for The Statesider, and COVID-19 Pandemic Complicates 2020 Wildfire Season for New Mexico In Depth.   

A new study in the journal Science says that human-driven climate change is pushing the American West into a megadrought, and into its driest period in more than 400 years.


Finding Columbia spotted frogs in Utah's mountains is not easy. But it's possible, with a guide like Paula Trater. She leads a visitor down a dirt path, then through mucky wetlands filled with cattails and a riot of birdsong.

Monday Community Calendar

Mar 9, 2020
Community Office for Resource Efficiency

Here’s your community calendar for Monday, March 9th, with a full moon in Gemini, underwritten by Basalt Regional Library, where your library card opens more than just books, including: movie streaming, eBooks and audiobooks, digital magazines, foreign language learning, and research database online services. For the list of today's events, like Community Conversations: Outer Climate/Inner Climate at Basalt Library, click on the headline.

Shifting Gears

Local Tyler Lindsay returns on Shifting Gears to continue a cross-generational conversation with Will Evans about our relationship to this planet mounting uncertainty. This is part 3 of a 3 part series.

Solar Rollers Race Returns to the Valley In May

Feb 27, 2020
Lucas Turner/KDNK

Solar Rollers is a non-profit high school energy education program where student teams design, build and race high-performance, solar-powered R.C. cars. In May, the race comes back to the Roaring Fork Valley. KDNK’s Lucas Turner has more.
WildEarth Gaurdians

New research released last week by MJ Bradley & Associates shows that Colorado is off-course to meet emissions standards mandated in last year’s House Bill 1261. KDNK’s Lucas Turner has more.

A warming climate is already causing river flows in the Southwest’s largest watershed to decline, according to a new study from federal scientists. And it finds that as warming continues it’s likely to get worse. 

On February 10, Campamento Climático: Pueblos Contra el Terricidio concluded with a march in Esquel, Argentina. Raleigh Burleigh shares audio from that event and defines the term "terricide." Tune in at 5am on Monday, February for a conversation in Spanish with Movimiento de Mujeres Indígenas por el Buen Vivir and Proceso de Liberación por la Madre Tierra.

Kathleen Shannon

Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE) has invited four different valley artists to make 8-foot by 8-foot billboards for public display starting next week, and the pieces will have some things in common. They’ll all be black-and-white, bilingual, and contain the same slogan: “THIS ART IS