Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment handed restrictions and policies over to local authorities Friday. KGNU’s Shannon Young reports.

The State Public Health Department offers 3 days of free COVID-19 testing in western Garfield County from December 13 through December 15. Click on the headline for details and time changes.


Garfield County Commissioners continue to resist taking on new COVID-19 restrictions despite an almost vertical spike in confirmed cases.

New State Coronavirus Restriction Color is Purple

Nov 18, 2020

The state has created a new level on its Coronavirus restriction dial. KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh has this report.

Amy Hadden Marsh/KDNK

While the Pine Gulch and Grizzly Creek Fires continue to grow in size, what about the smoke they're creating? Well, that can’t be measured in acres. KDNK’s Kathleen Shannon has more.

Bureau of Land Management

Animal-lovers living near the flames may need to evacuate livestock and pets. KDNK’s Kathleen Shannon has more on downvalley resources for animals in need.