Express Yourself

Thunder River Theatre Company

Bob Moore is well known as a talented actor in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond. On Monday, January 20 he lets his inner folksinger shine with a solo cabaret at Thunder River Theatre.

Raleigh Burleigh/KDNK

At 26-years-old, Taylor Scott has toured around the world with Otis Taylor, produced an album with Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, and regularly plays alongside drummer Larry Thompson of Aspen's Starwood. Taylor stopped by KDNK to perform a few tunes before his show at Steve's Guitars on Friday, January 10.

John McEuen

Multi-intrumentalist John McEuen, a founding member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, joined Raleigh Burleigh on Express Yourself to preview his upcoming concert at the Glenwood Vaudeville Revue on Thursday, January 7 at 7:30. John McEuen was last interviewed on KDNK by Terry Glasenapp, host of the Wholly Bozos, in January of 2017.

Chris Hassig

Elloit Norquist has been an artist in and around the Roaring Fork Valley since 1970. His upcoming show at the Charlotte Jackson Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico combines simple shape with bold color to turn everyday objects, like mailing envelopes, into abstract statements. Elliot joined Raleigh Burleigh and Chris Hassig on Express Yourself to talk about his work.

Kanghee Rhee/Flickr

Visiting dancer Sophie Braziunas is hosting a series of contact dance jams at The Launchpad. She shared the concept with Raleigh Burleigh on Express Yourself. KDNK DJ Chris Hassig joins the conversation to describe his experience.

Thunder River Theatre Company

Local diva Nina Gabianelli and actress Beth Malone join Abby Gierke on Express Yourself to share details about Thunder River Theatre Company's 2019 NYE Diva Cabaret with shows at 5:30 and 8:30.

Valle Musico

Valle Musico is celebrating the release of Columbra, their new album. Artists John Ramo and Bruce Imig are joined by Ralph Pitt of Mad Dog Ranch Studios on Express Yourself with Gavin Dahl. Valle Musico performs at the Snowmass Club on New Year's Eve from 6 to 8pm.

The Rad Trads

The Rad Trads is a unique band for sharing the spotlight between five distinct singer-songwriters. Michael Fatum, Michael Harlen, Alden Harris-McCoy, and Patrick Sargent spoke with KDNK's Cody Lee and Raleigh Burleigh ahead of their performance at Vail Snow Days on Saturday, December 13.

Abraham Cruzvillegas

International artist Abraham Cruzvillegas called from Paris to give some insight into his current exhibition at the Aspen Art Museum. KDNK hosts an activation in the space on Saturday, December 14 from 2pm to 9pm. This will feature a record painting activity and radio abierta in the gallery space, followed by storytellers with Writ Large at 4pm, and a free dance party with DJ Lil' City Market from 7pm to 9pm. Hi, how are you, Gonzo? continues at the Aspen Art Museum through January 26.

Jon Waterman

Author, explorer, and Carbondale resident Jon Waterman has a new book hot off the presses. It's called "Atlas of the National Parks" and was published by National Geographic. He sat down with KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh to talk about the book and America's Best Idea. Tune in December 26 from 4:30 to 5 PM to hear the entire interview.

In collaboration with Aspen Words and The Poetry Market, KDNK hosted a poetry slam on December 13, 2019. Previewing the event, Raleigh Burleigh spoke with Ellie Scott of Aspen Words, organizer Alya Howe, and poets Jo Altmaier and Matt Roeser. Audio from the slam will be aired on Decemeber 28 at 10pm.

Symphony in the Valley

Symphony in the Valley performs The Nutracker with some added zest on December 6 at New Hope Church in New Castle at 7pm, then on December 7 at the Ute Theater in Rifle at 7pm, and again at the Ute Theater on December 8 at 2pm. Music Director Kelly Thompson, Manager Amanda Watkins, and President Ruth Mollman joined Raleigh Burleigh on Express Yourself to preview the event which includes an original arrangement by a local 8th grader.

General Mojo's

Dune Butler of Seattle psyche-rock band General Mojo's joins Raleigh Burleigh on Express Yourself to talk about their upcoming show at Steve's Guitar's on Wednesday, December 11.

Thunder River Theatre Company


Actress Sonya Meyer and Director Patrick Holloran appeared on Express Yourself to preview Thunder River Theatre Company’s upcoming production of The Doyle and Debbie Show which opens on December 6 and continues through December 21. Barbara "Babs" Frota co-hosts this interview with Raleigh Burleigh.

Carbondale Arts

The annual Deck the Walls Artisan Market at The Launchpad opens on November 22 and continues through December. Staci Dickerson of Carbondale Arts dropped by to share details about this year's offerings.

Epic Yellowstone: Return of the Predators

Ecologist Delia Malone stopped by Express Yourself to preview the Howl Yes! Film Series at CMC Spring Valley on November 22 at 6pm. Advocating for wolf reintroduction in Colorado, Delia responds to doubts raised by local rancher Bill Fales on a recent episode of For Land's Sake.

Raleigh Burleigh/KDNK

On Monday, November 11, local nonprofits Bridging Bionics Foundation and Pathfinders announced a new collaboration called "Redefining Transitions: Building Resiliency." This program partners professional counseling with advanced physical therapy for individuals with spinal cord injuries or neurological mobility impairments as well as their caregivers. Representing Bridging Bionics, Jamie Ramge and Nate White, joined by Laura Irmen for Pathfinders, gave details on Express Yourself.


Sondie Reiff, Frank Sgambati and Larry Bogatz dropped by Express Yourself representing the Carbondale Age-Friendly Community Initiative. CAFCI hosts a community assembly on November 21 at the Third Street Center at 4pm, featuring food, music and speechifying.

Babs Frota

Local singer-songwriter Jill Cohn graced KDNK with a brand new single from her latest album Balanced on the Rail. She is interviewed by Gavin Dahl and KDNK volunteer Barbara "Babs" Frota.

Aspen Community Theatre

Aspen Community Theatre's 2019 fall musical is 9 to 5, featuring the music of Dolly Parton. Jeannie Walla spoke with Raleigh Burleigh on Express Yourself about this production, taking place on November 8, 9, 10 and 14, 15, 16 at the Aspen District Theatre.

Aspen Art Museum

Senior Curator at the Aspen Art Museum Max Weintraub stopped by Express Yourself to give insight into the Abraham Cruzvillegas exhibition Hi, how are you, Gonzo? Andrea Aust and Phebe Meyers, representing the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, shared about their corresponding community activation.


Marbin is a progressive jazz-rock band from Chicago. The band's founders Danny Markovitch and Dani Rabin shared stories about their music and touring before playing at Steve's Guitars on November 1.

Trees, Water & People

Trees, Water & People is an international, Colorado-based nonprofit that has been addressing the roots of migration with climate vulnerable communities for 21 years. Executive Director Sebastian Africano and Vice President of the Board of Directors Jon Becker stopped by KDNK ahead of their presentation at Rocky Mountain Institute on November 1st at 5pm to share about the organization's projects.



Megan Janssen and Meagan Shapiro stopped by Express Yourself to talk about CoMotion's production of Returning, an exploration into the layers of self and many facets of journeying away and returning home. The show is on November 8 and 9 at The Launchpad at 7pm with an interactive demo for families on November 9 at 3pm.

Polly Letofsky

In 1999, Polly Letofsky decided to be the first woman to walk around the world. It was a five year journey that took her across 22 countries walking an average of 16 miles per day and raising $250,000 for breast cancer awareness. Polly shares about this experience and her book, 3 M.P.H., at Basalt Regional Library on Saturday, October 25, at 5pm.


If walls could talk what might they say? Alya Howe seeks to answer that question with WALLS, her new multi-media show at The Wheeler Opera House on Sunday, October 27th at 7.30pm.

Precocious Wonderment

Artists Chris Erickson and Chad Stieg will reveal Precocious Wonderment on First Friday, November 1, at Batch. This pop-up collaboration with interactive installations premiers at 6pm.

Jennetta Howell


On Monday, October 21, Thunder River Theatre Company presents the debut of Jennetta Howell’s one-woman cabaret called HOME. KDNK’s Raleigh Burleigh met with Jennetta Howell on Express Yourself for the details...

Robert Brinker Displays "Mindfunk" at The Art Base

Oct 18, 2019
Abby Gierke


Abby Gierke, one of KDNK’s newest volunteers, spoke with local artist Robert Brinker about Mindfunk, his current show at The Art Base. Robert presents an art talk at The Art Base on Thursday, October 24, at 5:15pm.

MinTze Wu


The Kreutzer Sonata: In Words and in Music interweaves the narratives of Tolstoy’s novella Kreutzer Sonata with the music of Rachmaninoff, Shostakovich, and Beethoven’s monumental masterpiece that inspired the story. This is an excerpt of a new ensemble-piece production by BenFeng Music Studio, of which MinTze Wu is the founder and artistic director. KDNK's Raleigh Burleigh spoke with MinTze about her upcoming performance of this piece at the Christ Episcopal Church of Aspen on October 18.