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Johnny Kloberdanz/Carbondale Arts

Installation artist Vallee Noone talks about her solo art opening Friday at The Art Base in Basalt, a look into the 25th Annual Labor Day Art Show with the Redstone Art Foundation, and local artists on the community mural coming soon to the Century Link building at 4th & Main.

Carbondale Arts

Brian Colley

Journey to the Aspen Space Station with Express Yourself hosts this week! Also check in about the final Garden Music Series Concert with MinTze Wu and so much more!

Amy interviews Dave Watts of The Motet. Carley DeBeque and Alta Otto tell us about the pie contest at Mountain Fair. Brian checks in with Kyle and Kelly Phelps about their show at the Carbondale Clay Center. 

Aspen Dance Connection

Fran Page of Aspen Dance Connection and Amy Anderson of Emerging Movement Arts on the upcoming dance performance SHOES. Katrina Toews discusses her in-person class, "Parent/Child Movement and American Sign Language" for kids. Christine Costello of Colorado Cretive Industries talks about the state of the arts in Colorado.

The Crystal Theatre is Open Again!

Jun 25, 2021

Carbondale Arts

The Garden Music Series, curated by MinTze Wu, starts Thursday, May 27th! Hear more about it from Natalie Spears and Alexandra Jerkunica. James Steindler checks in with the Hudson Reed Ensemble and we hear from artist Hunter Hogan.

DJ Mamabird + STS9 Bassist Alana Rocklin

Apr 23, 2021
courtesy photo

DJ Mamabird talks with Sound Tribe Sector 9's Queen of Bass, Alana Rocklin about being the only female band member, her passionate fan base, halting a tour during the pandemic, losing her family's home to wildfire, and juggling the life of a rockstar, mom and wife. Plus the hardships for women in music and how Rocklin speaks out on social injustices. Click this post to hear all of the conversation.

Kathleen Shannon/KDNK

Amy Kimberly speaks with Meskwaki/Dine artist Larry Yazzie about his history of performing Fancy Dance. He also plays music on the flute and drum, live in-studio.

courtesy photo

Brian Colley and Kat Rich take the mics with Trace Nichols, who's exhibiting in NESTed Roots at the R2 Gallery. Staci Dickerson speaks to author and illustrator Miriam and Larry Day. And Dance Initiative's Megan Janssen catches up with New York-based dancer Nicole von Arx. 

Ellie Barber AKA Ollella, who some of you may remember from local band Pearl & Wood came to visit KDNK and talk about her latest EP 'Reins'.

Hotchkiss-based artist/musician John Hickam (aka Willis Pickem) shares his recent album, 'Pickin' and Grinnin' with Willis Pickem'. He also talks about another group he formed called the Grizzly Pears and building homemade synthesizers!

Marian Anderson, Ray Charles and Will Rogers help Express Yourself celebrate the Fourth of July.

AntiViral Part 5 features the voice of curator Alya Howe, with poems by Kristin Carlson, Iliana Renteria Bernal, Art Goodtimes (read by Alya Howe), and Charles Braddy. It also has a poem by Uche Ogbuji, who is bringing awareness to the devastating tragedy of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Last Wednesday was a day of awareness. Uche says "listeners should be aware even in this time of COVID, and if they can help, it's hard to imagine a more urgent cause." Click here for more information.

The Arts Base

Skye Skinner, Interim Executive Director at The Art Base, joined KDNK's Raleigh Burleigh on Express Yourself to provide an update about new initiatives to inject the community with creativity and positivity. These include the distribution of art kits, social media outreach, bilingual art prompts and online classes.

AntiViral Part 3 Keeps the Poetry Flowing

May 1, 2020

AntiViral Part 3 features the voices of curator Alya Howe, as well as poets Chris Ryerson, Nicole B. Hagg and Halle Zander, with additional poems by Lynn Unger and Kitty O'Meara.

Miss Maggie

Local musician and KDNK DJ Maggie Seldeen, AKA Mugsy Fay, is one of two Rosybelle educators leading weekly virtual creative tutorials with Carbondale Arts. She joined KDNK's Raleigh Burleigh on Express Yourself to share about the program and her work as a musician.

SoL Theatre Company

KDNK is proud to present this radio play debut from SoL Theatre Company: Theatre for Kids. Stage of Life Theatre Company, based in Carbondale, believes in the power of theatrical training and production to help children and young adults expand their self concept by inspiring them with the social and emotional tools necessary to lead meaningful lives.

El Javi

Denver-based flamenco guitarist Javier Gutierrez, “El Javi,” was scheduled to perform a benefit concert at Thunder River Theatre Company for KDNK's birthday this weekend. He, like countless other musicians across the world, has been forced to adapt around the circumstances spurred by COVID-19. In additional to now sharing guitar playing tutorials on YouTube, Javier performs live on Facebook every Monday at 6pm. Click here to hear how Javier experienced the onset of closures and gig cancellations from a festival in Mexico.

Regna Jones

5Point Adventure Film Festival was set to premier around Earth Day 2020 but, like countless other events, this was rescheduled due to the global pandemic. The 2020 flagship festival will now occur from October 14 - 18 and the team has curated a special virtual screening of archived favorites for next week instead. Executive Director Regna Jones shares details about 5Point Unlocked.

Celo Photo

Whippoorwill, a Fort Collins-based, alternative folk-rock trio were set to play in Carbondale last month at Steve's Guitars but the concert was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The group’s shows in April are also cancelled following Governor Jared Polis' statewide stay-at-home public health order. For KDNK, Laura Palmisano brings us an interview with Alysia Kraft of Whippoorwill.

Alya Howe Presents AntiViral Part 2

Apr 17, 2020

Honoring April as National Poetry Month, Alya Howe continues "AntiViral" on Express Yourself.

Ms. Holly

Waldorf educator and parent Holly Richardson is launching Ms. Holly's Magic Land, an exploration in YouTube broadcasting, to make her teachings for parents and their children accessible during this time of collective quarantine.

Alya Howe

Like a balm for worn souls, we are thankful that our global quarantine coincides with National Poetry Month! Alya Howe, founder of The Poetry Market and co-creator of Poets on Purpose, is beginning a new initiative on KDNK called "AntiViral." Her first collaborators are Rosemerry Wahtolla Trommer and Stefano Da Fre, each sharing original poetry inspired by our collective yet personal predicament.


AZYEP executive director Beth Wysong has initiated a community-wide project in recognition of April as National Poetry Month. She gave details and shared examples with KDNK's Raleigh Burleigh on Express Yourself.

Walalla Buckeroo

Local musician Olivia Pevec is performing daily songs at noon to raise awareness for LET THEM ROAR's efforts to produce a new studio album. She joined Raleigh Burleigh on Express Yourself to talk about the project and her time in quarantine.