Food Sovereignty

Marjory Wildcraft

Marjory Wildcraft founded The Grow Network to promote sustainable living, food sovereignty and natural medicines. She joins Steph and Jerome to share about what got her started and what keeps her going.

From the archives: A 2011 Conversation of interest for those who eat, about how this act manifested.

What would Roaring Fork Valley Food Security taste like.  Years ago a process began in Maine to protect local available food sources and sales. Maine passed the “Maine Food Sovereignty Act” protecting local food security.

If food prices continue increasing, if the climate continues heating up what will Carbondale “food security” taste like? Will we eat locally available produce and meat?

Several towns in Maine have passed ordinances protecting local food security and the rights of nature.  Over 120 American town have passed local self governance ordinances

An interview of interest for those who enjoy eating.

Listen to this New Year’s vision from Michael Thompson. Drawing inspiration from the Maine food sovereignty act, Michael eloquently describes the opportunities we have with local food to grow the relationship of our wealth and health.