The Geeks discuss the new MacBook and its limitations. Someone calls in with a question about the internet, and forien correspondent Donna Dalton calls in with her opinion.

The Geeks

The Geeks discuss the dangers of the Pegasus app. Foreign correspondent Danna Dalton calls in with news from Portugal. 

Louie Girardot

Host Abby Gierke interviews Louie Girardot. Listeners may  know him as Louie the Computer Guy of KDNK's own Geekspeak

The Geeks talk about "Smishing" the new form of scamming by text. Foreign Correspondent Donna calls in to talk Apple news and more.   

  The Geeks discuss Windows 11 and all it has to offer. Foreign correspondent Donna calls in to give her 2 cents. All that and more.

The Geeks

Lesson from Louie: Don't strip wires with your teeth! Also in this episode: Apple FaceTime available on a web browser, Modern Marty has photo storage issues, and Amy Hadden Marsh struggles to connect with HughesNet. Foreign Correspondant Donna Dalton makes a suggestion.

Advice from the Geeks includes: Back up your info! You'll thank yourself later.  iClouds, Windows, Chromebooks, and migrating from one to another. The Geeks also review their tech-savvy means of tracking credit card security. 

KDNK's resident Geeks discuss Microsoft apps, NASA's Ingenuity Mars helicopter, and how the Apple Watch can (unofficially) alert users of medical issues. Louie suggests that Donna test her house-wide speaker system with The Beatles, whose producer went wild on stereo sound editing. 

The Geeks

The Geeks chat about the Facebook data breach and how to find out if you're phone was compromised, an artificially intelligent Kurt Cobain writing new songs, and the differences between surge protectors and suppressors.  They also field questions from a caller about the best printer ink.

The Geeks

This time on Geekspeak, KDNK's resident Geeks chat about Bitcoin, a computer processor chip shortage due to a drought in Taiwan, Apple vs. Google photos, and failures of artificial intelligence. A caller gets advice on increasing internet signal. 

The Geeks

How's your backup regimen? The Geeks encourage you to keep a good one and remind you it's pretty cheap to do so! Louie and Matt give other key computer maintenance reminders and discuss home computers and scooter sharing. Foreign Correspondent Donna calls in to talk TV antennas.

The Geeks

New year, new tech issues! The Geeks warn listeners of an Adobe Flash scam. joins the new millenium. Java Script fills the boots of some Adobe Flash functions. A caller asks about upgrading memory in his Dell XPS Tower. 

The Geeks

This week on Geekspeak, the Geeks strategize dealing with spam and other unwanted messages inundating your inbox. They also delve into cyber attacks on hospitals and voting records, just in time for the 2020 Presidential Election.

The Geeks

This month on Geekspeak, foreign correspondent Donna Dalton graduates to co-host in the absence of Louie Girardot. Topics include migrating away from Microsoft, TikTok, articifial intelligence and more.

Gavin Dahl


The geeks jump in with an oft-discussed subject: web browsers. Microsoft Edge, the little browser that could, chromium the open source version of Google Chrome for people who want to be human guinea pigs, and Vivaldi, the ultimate browser for tech hipsters. They discuss an article from Erin Bromage about how most US States epidemiological curves are still on the rise. Finally KDNK DJ Terry Glassenapp calls in with a question about the best ways to sanitize a smart phone.

Matt McBryar and Geekspeak special guest Lucas Turner talk about the online audio collaboration tool called Cleanfeed, and the satisfaction of fixing your own electronics. They also go in-depth about COVID-19 contact tracing surveillance. Matt expresses his preference for technical equipment that functions as separate pieces, and Lucas reveals one of his apocalypse survival secret plans...

How will the coronavirus affect technology production and distribution? The Geeks ponder this and other topics.

The Geeks

KDNK's geeks return in 2020 to begin the decade answering tech questions and sharing tech news.

The Geeks

KDNK's deeks chat about Catalina, Apple's new desktop operating system for Macintosh computers.

Geekspeak Talks Reddit

Aug 5, 2019

Matt McBrayer is joined by KDNK's new news director Lucas Turner to chat about Reddit, 4chan and other online forums and resources.

MacBooks have a history of being challenging to fix, especially the ones with glued-in batteries! Donna calls to affirm this and The Geeks respond by acknowledging that some Macs don't seem to ever die. This evolves into a thoughtful discussion of the Right to Repair Movement.

KDNK Geeks Talk About "The Ring"

May 20, 2019
Wikipedia Commons

What ring, you ask? Foreign correspondent Donna calls in to explain.

The Geeks

Between answering calls, KDNK's Geekspeak shares the latest in tech, including Amazon's venture into package delivery, and gives tips for safeguarding passwords.

The Geeks

April Fools! Matt and Louie explain "Poe's Law" and share some April Fools fun. Plus, Japanese talking toilets?

The Geeks give details about Google Chrome's "zero-day vulnerability," providing tips for password security and answering live calls with tech questions.

Host Matt McBrayer is joined by KDNK News Director Raleigh Burleigh Shopping Safely and Louie Girardot by phone to give provide tips about shopping safely and smartly online.

Today on Geekspeak, Matt and Louie are joined by special guest Bryan Ward, founder of Sopris Health and Wellness and a lifetime geek, to discuss how technology may unite us when it seems to be so steadily dividing us.

The Geeks

The Geeks talk about problems with OS X 10.14, computer security, changes to mail and IBM buying the largest Unix distributor.

Matt McBrayer calls Louie Girardot for engaging conversation on Geekspeak.

The Geeks

After a considerable hiatus the Geeks are back with a new schedule. From now on out, you can catch Geekspeak every first and third Monday at 4:30. Louie also takes the opportunity to announce his semi-retirement before pondering some worst case scenarios of new tech like Alexa's improved memory recall.