Glenwood Springs Citizens Alliance

Rocky Mountain Industrials Quarry Lawsuit Update

May 26, 2020
Amy Hadden Marsh/KDNK

The Glenwood Springs Citizens Alliance and the Garfield County Commissioners are united against Rocky Mountain Industrials’ plan to expand the limestone quarry near Glenwood. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh has more.

Alliance Sues BLM Over Quarry Permit

Mar 11, 2020
Lucas Turner/KDNK


Another lawsuit has been filed concerning the Mid-Continent Limestone Quarry near Glenwood Springs. This time, it’s against the Bureau of Land Management. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh has more.

Lucas Turner



  The proposed mid-continent limestone quarry expansion near Glenwood Springs has inspired citizen groups, multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, and dozens of articles from news outlets from around the state. So, to get a unique perspective on the issue, KDNK’s Lucas Turner took a special trip on an Ecoflight.

Saturday Community Calendar

Feb 29, 2020
Witches’ Pantry Cave


Here’s your community calendar for Saturday, February 29th, underwritten by Basalt Regional Library where community members will find a safe and welcoming space providing access to tools, programs, and information that nurture lifelong learning. For the list of today's events, like an informational presentation about Witches’ Pantry Cave at Glenwood Springs Branch Library, click on the headline.

Courtesy of Aspen Daily News

Aspen Daily News reporter Megan Tackett joins KDNK's Gavin Dahl on Booked to discuss her cover story on the proposed quarry expansion near Glenwood Springs, which features accusations of disingenousness by both sides. The story quotes at length Rocky Mountain Resources CEO Greg Dangler, as well as key voices of the opposition, representing "seemingly everyone else" in the community. 

The City of Glenwood Springs took one more step last week in opposition to the proposed expansion of the Mid-Continent Limestone Quarry. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh has this report.

Amy Hadden Marsh/KDNK

Glenwood Springs City Council voted unanimously Thursday night to financially support the Glenwood Springs Citizens Alliance's efforts to fight the proposed quarry expansion. And, as KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh reports, some of the money came from personal funds.

Glenwood Group Target of Smear Campaign

Jul 11, 2019

The Glenwood Springs Citizens Alliance won’t back down after members received a mysterious mailer this week. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh has more about what some are calling a smear campaign against the group that’s fighting the proposed limestone quarry near Glenwood.

Hikers Experience What's at Stake if Quarry Grows

Jun 21, 2019
Amy Hadden Marsh/KDNK

Glenwood Springs Citizens Alliance and Wilderness Workshop recently hosted a hike up to the Mid-Continent Limestone Quarry, north of Glenwood Springs, to show what’s at stake if the quarry is expanded. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh went along and has this report.

Amy Hadden Marsh/KDNK

Glenwood Springs Citizens Alliance members Stephen Bershenyi and Heather McGregor dropped by the KDNK studios before Strawberry Days to talk with DJ Terry Glasnapp about their efforts to stop a proposed expansion of the limestone quarry above Glenwood Springs, what's at stake, and how people can get involved.

Amy Hadden Marsh/KDNK

The proposed limestone quarry expansion near Glenwood Springs has been sent back to the drawing board. But that doesn’t mean it’s off the table. Reporter Amy Hadden Marsh has more: