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Valley Settlement has welcomed changes in the last month including a new location and Executive Director. Maria Tarajano Rodman spoke with KDNK about stepping into that role.

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This month on Other Plans, host Abby Gierke's guest is Samila Trevisan. Samila talks about her journey from Brazil to the U.S. as a young adult and her current work as a family liaison for Basalt High School.

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Brisa Chavez is Garfield County's 2020 recipient of the Humanitarian Award for Community Empowerment. Here she describes the challenges and threats the Coronavirus poses for immigrant families in the County's communities.


Ernie Gerbaz is the grandson of the Gerbazs and the Arbaneys who came to the Valley in the 1890s. Here he remembers growing up in Coal Basin and the life of Italian immigrants in the early 1900's.

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Eric Petrocco was born during the pandemic of 1918 in the mining town of Lime, Colorado. He grew up in Marble and was drafted into the Army in 1941. In this interview, Eric remembers his life in mining towns and his near death experiences as a soldier in World War II.

Ski resorts in Utah that depend on seasonal foreign workers might have problems finding the labor they need this winter season, due to the recent suspension of certain work visas.

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KDNK's Weekly News Reel takes a look at the week's top local and regional news stories aired on KDNK between Monday and Friday. This week’s news took a look at sort of a "what happened" response to the COVID-19 shutdowns, public health orders, and government stimulus efforts. Then, there are the non- COVID stories about mustangs and goats.

Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition

Across the country, millions of U.S. citizens were excluded by the CARES Act from receiving a stimulus check due to filing taxes jointly with an immigrant spouse. During a recent virtual press conference organized by the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, restaurant owner and mother of two Alaina Silva gave voice to families affected by this provision. You can watch the full presentation here.

As Rosa Sabido marked 1,000 days in sanctuary at the Mancos United Methodist Church, her supporters rallied in Durango in hopes of Capitol Hill offering a path to citizenship for the Mexican immigrant.

Since December, Rosa Belongs Here has gathered 2,750 signatures asking for Rep. Scott Tipton to sponsor Sabido with a private bill that would grant permanent residency. 

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Lucia Ponce Campbell grew amidst the Nicaraguan Revolution and started teaching literacy classes when she was thirteen. Today she teaches young immigrant students English at Glenwood Springs Middle School. Tune in as she describes how she and valley residents help students learn English using their journey stories.

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Nancy Bo Flood is a child therapist and celebrated author of 20 books, many of them for children. Tune in as Nancy reflects on her life, her work in the Navajo Nation and the power of storytelling.

Let Them Roar wrap up their 'I See My Light' campaign for immigrant justice with two special concerts tonight and Saturday at Steve's Guitars, presented by KDNK and Carbondale Arts. Bandmembers Olivia Pevec, Sophia Clark and Ashton Taufer join KDNK's Gavin Dahl on Express Yourself to discuss their performance, reflect on their acclaimed performance at Mountain Fair this year, and recap the campaign that became the band's mission statement this year, launching on the Summer Solstice and wrapping up on the Winter Solstice. 

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Members of 5 local religious congregations met in Glenwood Springs Wednesday at the Garfield County courthouse to stand in solidarity with immigrant families in the community. KDNK's Lucas Turner has the details.

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Eleven years ago, Crystal Mariscal was living in a shelter with her four children. Today she is a city council woman, an award winning radioproducer, and a community organizer. Tune in as she describes how she overcame every challenge that life sent her way.

Glenwood Rallies To Support DACA Recipients

Nov 13, 2019
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Immigration activists met in Glenwood Tuesday night to rally in support of DACA recipients. KDNK's Lucas Turner was there and has more.

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Anayeli Espinoza was twelve when she and her parents and her brother tried to cross the border from Mexico to the United States. It would be the first of five tries for Anayeli. Hee, she describes her harrowing journey and the emotional price she had to pay. For the web exclusive second part of this interview, click here.

Tor Books

KDNK News Director Lucas Turner speaks with best-selling author Cory Doctorow about his new book Radicalized, a series of 4 novellas covering such topics as how software could control us in our own homes, automated policing and machine bias, modern models of radicalization online, and humanities' "shared microbial destiny."

Recent updates to the public charge rule will affect open immigration cases. Experts are advising anyone affected by the rule changes to seek accurate information and community resources. In this story KDNK news Lucas Turner speaks with Roni Morales of Mountain Family Health Centers to get more specific details on the rule. Roni Also shares a list of national and community resources.


The Department of Homeland Security Wednesday issued the final Regulation on Public Charge that changes eligibility for legal immigration based on financial status, age, health issues, and other factors. KDNK News Director Lucas Turner spoke with Allison Neswood, a health care attorney with the Colorado Center for Law and Policy, to understand potential impacts of the new rule.

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Vigilers in Glenwood Springs joined hundreds of events around the US and in Canada Friday night to protest immigration detention centers and President Trump’s call for Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids this week. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh reports.

Let Them Roar

Let Them Roar created the new single, "I See My Light," to raise funds for sanctuary leaders in Colorado who are taking a stand against being separated from their families. Megan Tackett spoke with the band before debuting that single in Carbondale on Friday, June 21.

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Alex Sanchez is the new Executive Director of Valley Settlement Project. Here, he talks about the project, his childhood in Mexico and his journey to the Roaring Fork Valley as a young boy.

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Sanctuary Unidos presents Refuge(e) and Vida En Santuario, two short films that reveal the hardship of immigrants seeking asylum in the United States. Raleigh Burleigh spoke to filmmakers Sylvia Johnson and Laurel Smith about their work. The event is on May 29 at the Crystal Theatre at 5:30.

Raleigh Burleigh


Members of Carbondale’s Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist Church traveled to Denver Monday in support of The People’s Resolution, which seeks to improve state and federal immigration policy.

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Ed Grange is the son of Italian Immigrants. He grew up on a farm outside of Basalt in the 1930's without electricity. Here, he shares with Walter Gallacher about his career at Holy Cross Energy and tells the backstory of how Vail got started.


A Colorado Springs man has been living at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church for the past week to avoid deportation back to his home country of El Salvador.

The Sopris Sun

Rev. Shawna Foster shares about "Love Knows No Borders" and her personal journey to greet the migrant caravan with Megan Tackett of The Sopris Sun. Then, Justin Patrick talks about his recent article, highlighting the end of 3.2 beer in Colorado.

Rev. Shawna Foster, minister for the Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist church in Carbondale, recently traveled to the U.S. Mexico Border to greet the caravan of asylum seekers coming from Central America. Maeve Conran of KGNU spoke with Shawna from Tijuana last week. Shawna and other Roaring Fork Valley locals will speak about traveling to the U.S. Mexico Border in support of the migrant caravan at the Third Street Center on Tuesday, December 18, at 6pm.

Mountain Family Health Centers

Today is the final day for public comment on a proposed federal rule change that would make it more difficult for immigrants who apply for assistance programs to achieve legal status. KDNK’s Raleigh Burleigh spoke with Danyelle Rigli, executive assistant and advocacy coordinator for Mountain Family Health Centers, about why their board of directors are opposing the rule change.

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Lizbeth Jacobs was born in Guatemala in 1976 amidst the country's 36 year civil war. Here she describes her family's escape and reflects on why people are still fleeing.