This episode features award winning author and permaculture expert Eric Toensmeier.  Stephanie and Jerome talk with Eric about the value of perennial farming methods to help mitigate the climate swings that are becoming more common across the world. 

The Geeks

The Geeks chat about WA Notify, an app that tracks COVID-19 exposures and how it saved thousands of lives (geekwire.com). More in geek news, FaceTime is coming to all devices soon. If you want fire and weather information Matt suggests fire.airnow.gov.

KDNK Debuts Long-Lost Historical Audio Archive

Apr 8, 2021
Carbondale Historical Society

KDNK and the Carbondale Historical Society collaborated to revive some historic voices! The late Mary Ferguson hosted "This I Remember" on KDNK in the '80s and '90s.

2020 Annual KDNK Membership Meeting Agenda

Nov 11, 2020

                                                    2020 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING


NOVEMBER 23rd, 2020

5:30 - 7:10 pm

Via ZOOM (Invitation Sent To Member Email 11/10), w/ Conference Call Available For Zoom Overflow

5:30pm: Call to Order


In late 2016, Raleigh Burleigh dropped in on KDNK News unannounced in pursuit of an internship. Four years later, having served as News Director and Program Director, he is departing from staff with invaluable experience, transformative frienships and a heart brimming with gratitude. What will happen next? Stay tuned!

KDNK Annual Membership Meeting - November 23rd

Oct 28, 2020
Photo by Chris Montgomery / Unsplash



WHO: All current KDNK members, staff, Board of Directors, members of the general public 

WHAT: KDNK Community Radio Annual Membership Meeting 

& November Board of Directors Meeting 

WHEN: 5:30-7:30 pm  - Monday, November 23, 2020

WHERE: ZOOM Video Chat Room - link for ZOOM invite to be sent to membership on November 9th in an email. 

KDNK Board of Directors Meet Monday, October 19th

Oct 13, 2020


KDNK Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, October 19, 2020

5:45pm, in-person @ station

Call-in line available. Click the headline to find the agenda.

AZYEP Turns 20

Oct 9, 2020

The Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program is nationally renowned for its youth radio programs. Here, Annmarie Zanca and current director Beth Wysong talk about this beloved institution that's going strong after 20 years. Click the headline for more on Andy.

Diane Johnson

Today on Senior Matters, DeDe Osborn joins Diane Johnson to talk about CBD for seniors. 

Raleigh Burleigh

You're invited to join KDNK's virtual bilingual community dinner, Our Town One Enchilada, Sunday, August 30, from 6 to 9pm. This bilingual dinner will include games, music, and more broadcast live on KDNK.

Estás invitado a sumarte a nuestra cena virtual y comunitaria, Nuestro Pueblo Una Enchilada, domingo el 30 de agosto de 6 a 9pm. Este cena bilingüe incluirá juegos, música y más transmitido en vivo por KDNK.

Raleigh Burleigh

KDNK's Mountain Fair Memory Machine collected over 30 memories by the conclusion of Carbondale's 49th Mountain Fair. The machine remains operational in the backround, collecting material for a special 50th Annual Mountain Fair podcast. Share your piece by calling 970 510 3250 and leaving a message.

Missy Bowen's 10th Anniversary Retrospective

Apr 17, 2020
KDNK 10th Birthday

Rescued from the archives, here is a production by former program manager, music director and station manager Missy Bowen converted from tape for your enjoyment. Happy birthday!

Oh Snap! Photo Booth

In lieu of a birthday party, we hope that you enjoy this retrospective featuring audio from KDNK's 35th Birthday Celebration at the Third Street Center in 2018.

It's been 37 years since they flipped the switch in the Dinkle Building to bring this beautiful monster to life. Please email your favorite KDNK memory to Raleigh@kdnk.org and tune in on Wednesday at 4pm for our on-air birthday party!

Colorado Department of Health and Environment

Making life-or-death decisions for others is not a task to be taken lightly. But, Colorado’s state crisis plans include the assembly of triage teams in the case that hospitals become overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients.

Friday Community Calendar

Mar 6, 2020
Louie & the Lizards

Here’s your community calendar for Friday, March 6th, underwritten by Basalt Regional Library, where your library card opens more than just books, including: movie streaming, eBooks and audiobooks, digital magazines, foreign language learning, and research database online services. For the list of today's events, like KDNK's live remote broadcast of Louie & the Lizards from the Glenwood Springs Brew Garden, click on the headline.


Here’s your community calendar for Saturday, February 15th, underwritten by Basalt Regional Library where community members will find a safe and welcoming space providing access to tools, programs, and information that nurture lifelong learning. For a list of todays events like Mr. Roaring Fork at Batch, follow the headline...

Mr. Roaring Fork Now Receiving Contestants

Jan 15, 2020
Artwork by Raleigh Burleigh

Prepare your pageant name and gather your outfits... KDNK's Mr. Carbondale event returns on Saturday, February 15, as Mr. Roaring Fork: Valentine's Hangover. Top prizes include a hand-forged trophy, Founders Club membership at Batch, a custom Dave Kodama hat, and a night's stay at Avalanche Ranch! To sign yourself up, email Erin@KDNK.org. All bodies welcome! Tickets now on sale!

Poets on Purpose Perform at KDNK

Dec 30, 2019
Lucas Turner/KDNK

On Friday, December 13th, KDNK hosted a poetry slam in collaboration with Aspen Words and Under Alya's Umbrella. For part two, click on the headline.

Sophie Braziunas

Writ Large presented three local storytellers during the KDNK activation at Aspen Art Museum's Abraham Cruzvillegas exhibit on December 14. Writ Large is a live storytelling series curated by Alya Howe as part of Under Alya's Umbrella.

Saturday Community Calendar

Dec 14, 2019
Aspen Art Museum

Here’s your community calendar for Saturday, December 14th, underwritten by Sopris Liquor and Wine, offering Cerveza Sopris Mexican Lager in partnership with Roaring Fork Beer Company. For the list of today's events, like an activation by KDNK at the Aspen Art Museum, click on the headline.

Abraham Cruzvillegas

International artist Abraham Cruzvillegas called from Paris to give some insight into his current exhibition at the Aspen Art Museum. KDNK hosts an activation in the space on Saturday, December 14 from 2pm to 9pm. This will feature a record painting activity and radio abierta in the gallery space, followed by storytellers with Writ Large at 4pm, and a free dance party with DJ Lil' City Market from 7pm to 9pm. Hi, how are you, Gonzo? continues at the Aspen Art Museum through January 26.

In collaboration with Aspen Words and The Poetry Market, KDNK hosted a poetry slam on December 13, 2019. Previewing the event, Raleigh Burleigh spoke with Ellie Scott of Aspen Words, organizer Alya Howe, and poets Jo Altmaier and Matt Roeser. Audio from the slam will be aired on Decemeber 28 at 10pm.

Wednesday Community Calendar

Nov 20, 2019

Here’s your community calendar for Wednesday, November 20th, underwritten by Sopris Liquor and Wine, offering Cerveza Sopris Mexican Lager in partnership with Roaring Fork Beer Company. For the list of today's events, like BINGO at Beer Works benefitting KDNK, click on the headline.

Thursday Community Calendar

Oct 31, 2019

Here’s your community calendar for Thursday, October 31st, underwritten by Sopris Liquor and Wine, offering Cerveza Sopris Mexican Lager in partnership with Roaring Fork Beer Company. For the list of today's events, like KDNK's much-anticipated, Halloween dance party with Tnertle, click on the headline...

Gavin Dahl / KDNK

Listeners like you have helped KDNK raise over $80,000 during the Membership Drive. Your financial support funds community access to the public airwaves, great music, award-winning reporting, and youth empowerment. If you are not a member, sign up by donating today. Thanks so much.

Raleigh Burleigh y Crystal Mariscal hablan con Isela y Karina de PREP sobre la importancia de la radio comunitaria. Para apoyar a KDNK, hazte un miembro hoy.

The Geeks

KDNK's geeks share the importance of community media, mention the perseverance of phone scams and then Donna calls to talk about travel. Plus, advice is given about running Linux in lieu of Windows.

Wednesday Community Calendar

Jun 26, 2019
Michelle Sarah

Here’s your community calendar for Wednesday, June 26th, underwritten by Sopris Liquor and Wine, offering Cerveza Sopris Mexican Lager in partnership with Roaring Fork Beer Company. Click on the headline for the list of today's events, like Glenwood Springs Summer of Music at Two Rivers Park and live broadcast on KDNK...

Wednesday Community Calendar

Jun 5, 2019
Roaring Stories

Here’s your community calendar for Wednesday, June 5, underwritten by Sopris Liquor and Wine, offering Cerveza Sopris Mexican Lager in partnership with Roaring Fork Beer Company. For the list of today's events, like Roaring Stories at Rock Bottom Ranch, click on the headline.