Last month the Colorado General Assembly approved Senate Bill 20B-001, designating $57 million in direct aid, grants, and fee waivers for small businesses impacted by COVID-19. Now the city of Glenwood Springs is accepting applications from local businesses to begin distributing those funds. KDNK’s Lucas Turner has more.


About twice a week, oil and gas operators in Colorado’s Piceance Basin file “Form 19” also called a Spill/Release Report with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC). Nine times out of 10, the spilled substance is a form of hazardous waste byproduct called produced water. KDNK’s Lucas Turner has more on this waste water and its impact in the Piceance Basin in 2019.

Garfield County RE2 Schools Set to Return August 24

Aug 12, 2020

For months staff, administration, students and their families in Garfield County’s RE2 School District have been preparing to return of classes for the Fall 2020 Semester. KDNK’s Lucas Turner has more on how the district plans to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Raleigh Burleigh/KDNK

Protests supporting Black Lives Matter occurred in both Carbondale and Glenwood Springs over the weekend. KDNK's Raleigh Burleigh spoke with demonstrators about their solidarity.

At a hearing last weekend about a Colorado bill on vaccination, Dr. Reginald Washington had originally planned to make several urgent points in support of the bill. 

First, that diseases like measles are resurging, and they’re serious. (He’d know. He’s treated patients with complications from measles and pertussis.) Second, due to COVID-19, children are missing well-child visits and skipping vaccinations, putting them at risk of outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases. 

Amy Hadden Marsh

Family Nurse Practitioner Lisa Robbiano and Registered Nurse Maria McHale of Midvalley Family Practice speak with KDNK's Lucas Turner about the growing number of people without health insurance who need COVID testing. They also share insights about mass community testing in partnership with MIRA Bus, explain some of the key differences between COVID-19 and the flu, and emphasize the importance of maintaing social distancing, and wearing a mask.

Amy Hadden Marsh/KDNK

Midvalley Family Practice is teaming up with regional health care providers and non-profit MIRA Bus to provide COVID-19 testing. Community testing services will be available in El Jebel Thursday from 10am to 4pm. KDNK’s Lucas Turner spoke with Family Nurse Practitioner Lisa Robbiano and Registered Nurse Maria McHale to learn more.

Minime5468 / CC BY-SA

The Colorado State Patrol, the Silt Police Department and the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office will host a “Senior Graduation Motorcade” for Coal Ridge High School graduating seniors on Sunday, May 17th.

Sanctuary Unidos

Many Americans are receiving a stimulus check from the federal government. For countless families living in our country, however, this and other sources of aid are unavailable due to their immigration status. Local nonprofit incubator MANAUS established an emergency relief fund to serve those excluded, from Parachute to Aspen. This fund has already distributed aid to hundreds of families with support from Valley Settlement, Aspen Community Foundation, Colorado Trust, and other donors including participants of a stimulus check redistribution initiative organized by Sanctuary Unidos.



Carbondale Trustees confirmed Town Manager Jay Harrington’s pick for Police Chief Tuesday. KDNK’s Lucas Turner has the story.

The Carbondale Emergency Task Force is partnering with Roaring Fork Family Practice to launch an advance directives service and awareness campaign promoting health care planning during the COVID-19 global health pandemic. For more on what that means, KDNK’s Kathleen Shannon spoke with Dr. Gary Knauss and the task force health lead Ryn Calhoon.

Lucas Turner


  Garfield County libraries plan to re-open on Monday, May 11. According to a press release, library hours will be limited, staff will check out materials that are in the library, and print items that are sent from your phone, tablet, or home computer. ...more


Pitkin County's stay at home order has been extended through May 8. Visitors and residents must continue to follow the guidance outline in the last amended Pitkin County Public Health Order.  Public Health Officials say it will allow the community to develop strategies and guidelines for preventing a surge of COVID-19 cases when it moves to the "safer-at-home" phase.

Aspen Community Foundation

Aspen Community Foundation, in partnership with Kissane Viola Design, has launched an Aspen to Parachute COVID-19 resource webpage. It lists information about food, financial assistance, or childcare, how to volunteer, and more. Information is updated regularly. A Spanish-language page is available at A2PCOVID.org/sp

The “Safer At Home” orders issued from the State will begin on April 27th, 2020. Garfield County wants to give local businesses and agencies time to review the Garfield County Roadmap Criteria and complete a plan for their agency using the Garfield County Business Social Distancing Plan guidance.

Businesses and agencies in Garfield County should determine if they are high, medium, or low risk, complete the “Garfield County Business Social Distancing Plan”, and submit the form online at: www.garfield-county.com. 

ESO/H. Dahle / CC BY

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is encouraging citizen scientists to observe the night skies during International Dark Sky Week. KDNK’s Kathleen Shannon spoke with the CPW’s Citizen Science Technician Audrey Spencer.


More than ten-thousand Coloradans have tested positive for COVID-19. But state epidemiologist Dr. Rachel Herlihy explains the number of infected is likely much higher.


Starting this week new categories of workers can file for unemployment with the state thanks to provisions in the CARES act. KDNK’s Lucas Turner has more.


Governor Jared Polis addressed the state this afternoon to provide critical updates on the stay-at-home order. He started with some good news, announcing that Eagle County will be the first in the state to “reopen.”

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, Colorado Democrats and Republicans will log on to their first-ever virtual state assemblies today. KDNK’s Scott Franz has more on what’s at stake.

Grassroots Community Network


Pitkin County’s board of health Thursday laid out new changes to the Public Health Order, including timelines for construction to resume. Board members emphasized when that does happen, construction companies won’t be able to have more than 10 employees on a site, and will still need to practice social distancing, they'll also have to submit safety plans before starting up.

Pitkin County Regional Emergency Dispatch Center has been selected as the 2020 Colorado Communication Center of the Year.

Scott Franz

Governor Jared Polis is giving residents a glimpse of what life will look like when the stay at home order is lifted as soon as April 27th.

Garfield County Inmate Dies after Apparent Suicide

Apr 14, 2020


  A Garfield County Jail inmate was discovered in her cell Tuesday after an apparent suicide. Garfield County Sherrif’s office says the woman, Laura Ebbs, used parts of her clothing to hang herself. Deputies on the scene attempted to revive Ebbs using CPR and an AED. She was then transported to Valley View Hospital where she received additional care. On Friday her life support was suspended and she passed away.

Xnatedawgx / CC BY-SA

Governor Jared Polis is urging hotel owners to open their rooms to people who are experiencing homelessness. He says the abundance of empty rooms should be used to keep some of Colorado’s most vulnerable residents healthy during the coronavirus outbreak.


Pitkin County Landfill is closed to the public until further notice. Only essential commercial waste haulers will be allowed access during the COVID-19 shutdown with the following exception: "Residents depositing trash, recycling and compost will be allowed access to the landfill on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between the hours of 11am and 1pm."

During the closure, the landfill will not accept construction waste, hazardous waster electronics, furniture, or non-essential landscaping debris. You can find more information at landfillrules.com

The Colorado Oil and Gas Commission will hold a virtual hearing Monday to assess a more than $18 million fine on oil and gas operator Kerr-McGee in connection with the 2017 explosion in Firestone.

Coloradans Get Up to Speed on COVID-19 Scams

Apr 8, 2020

DENVER -- Using federal coronavirus stimulus checks as bait, criminals are finding new ways to separate Coloradans from their money. Eric Galatas has more.

Carbondale Voters Approve Tobacco Tax

Apr 8, 2020

Carbondale voters approved a new tobacco tax Wednesday, with 924 votes in favor and 381 against. The tax, which will go into effect on June 1st adds a $4 per pack increase to all cigarettes and imposes a 40% tax on other products containing nicotine. Smoking cessation products like gums and patches are not affected by the new tax.

Unofficial election results for Basalt and Carbondale’s municipal elections are in. KDNK’s Lucas Turner has the details.