Hinsdale County Buys Island, Peninsula on Lake San Cristobal

Dec 28, 2020
Laura Palmisano

The island and peninsula on Lake San Cristobal outside Lake City is now owned by Hinsdale County. Some Lake City residents raised $200,000 to help buy the 10.3-acre property; Great Outdoors Colorado pitched in over $1 million. For KVNF News, Laura Palmisano speaks with Hinsdale County Commissioner Kristine Borchers.

Bureau of Land Management

The Bureau of Land Management oversees millions of acres of public land in the West. The agency recently moved its headquarters to Grand Junction, Colorado, but is struggling to fill leadership jobs... and still lacks a permanent director. KVNF's Jodi Peterson has more.

A Mining Solution to an Environmental Problem

Jul 23, 2018
Chris Marcinek

The EPA is finding creative solutions for mine clean-up at the Camp Bird Mine above Ouray. KVNF's Chris Marcinek filed this report...

Eric Goold, KVNF

A scientist and Coal Methane group are working together on a project to remove a damaged cement cap on the water intake for the Paonia dam. In addition, they are assessing ways to deal with the aging infrastructure of the dam in conjunction with the increasing amount of sediment deposited behind the dam. KVNF’s Eric Goold has more.