For his final Booked program on KDNK, station manager Gavin Dahl thanks 50+ guests on the program over the past year, and speaks with KZMU Moab station manager Serah Mead about serving the public during a pandemic, new music discovery, and the uniqueness of freeform radio.

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Musicians around the world are getting creative about connecting with their audience during a time of social distance. Gathering for live, in-person performance is still unsafe. One local band in Moab, Utah is solving this dilemma – by bringing the performance to the people. KZMU's Molly Marcello has more.

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In Southeastern Utah, National Parks and Monuments are shuttering in response to coronavirus at the behest of rural healthcare officials. KZMU’s Molly Marcello has more.

KZMU: Moab Utah 'Closed' To Visitors

Mar 19, 2020
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Moab, Utah, has a message for Jackson, Wyoming: It is officially closed to visitors. Health officials issued an order this week to shut down the area’s hotels and camping areas. Health officials there are racing to mitigate a health crisis in Moab, where the hospital has just three ventilators. KZMU’s Molly Marcello reports from Moab.

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After pressure from elected officials including Utah’s governor, the Bureau of Land Management dropped plans to auction off two parcels for oil and gas leasing near Arches National Park. The parcels overlapped the famed Slickrock Bike Trail and Moab’s sole source aquifer. KZMU’s Molly Marcello has more.

Elected officials in Moab City and Grand County are now united in opposition to proposed oil and gas leasing in the Sand Flats Recreation Area. Both councils passed resolutions asking the Utah Bureau of Land Management to remove two nominated parcels from a June oil and gas lease sale. KZMU's Molly Marcello has more.

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Arches National Park is officially scrapping their first attempt to find solutions for
traffic congestion in the park. They’re now starting a new process, one that takes a
harder look at mandatory shuttle service, additional entrance roads, and traffic patterns
within the park. KZMU’s Molly Marcello has more.

US Department of Energy

Moab’s toxic uranium legacy is slowly – and carefully - being shipped away
from the banks of the Colorado River. KZMU’s Molly Marcello has more.

KZMU: Slickrock Bike Trail Celebrates 50 Years

Sep 23, 2019
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Many locals in Moab, Utah credit the Slickrock Bike Trail for helping to transform their bust uranium economy to the bustling recreation hub it is today. Molly Marcello with KZMU has more on the now world-famous trail, which celebrates 50 years this season.

KZMU: Utahans Document Fallout of Nuclear Testing

Jul 25, 2019


Throughout the 1950s, the Atomic Energy Commission tested nuclear weapons in a remote area of the Nevada desert. At the time, communities situated downwind were told this project was safe, and would have no impact on public health. Now over 60 years later, Utahans are coming forward to document their stories in the fallout of nuclear testing.