For Land's Sake

Aspen Valley Land Trust

Host Bill Kight talks with Aspen Valley Land Trust’s Executive Director Suzanne Stephens about their recently acquiring the Coffman Ranch and other things.  

Anderson Cole

Trina Ortega, manager of Coal Basin Ranch's new mountain bike park talks with host Bill Kight about the new park that is open to the public.

Bill Kight interviews Wilderness Workshop's Latino Outreach Coordinator, Beatriz Soto. Beatriz reminds us that Latino Conservation Week is coming up, and the importance of everyone being involved in our land's future. 

Bill Kight

This month on For Land's Sake, host Bill Kight updates listeners on the State of the Rockies, an annual report from Colorado College. He also talks about the CORE Act, increased ATV usage, and takes calls from listeners.

Best-selling author of Peter Heller visits For Land's Sake to talk about 'The Orchard,' his latest novel.  Host Bill Kight asks Heller about perspective, daily writing disciplines, the origins of the phrase "copy and paste" and more.

Jack Hiller, photographer for John Wesley Powell

For Land's Sake host Bill Kight explores the history of our area's original stewards, the Ute Indians. He talks about broken treaties, white 'assimilation' efforts and forced relocations. Bill Kight also discusses the need for reconciliation, and what we as individuals should do about injustice when we're made aware of it.

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On this month's For Land's Sake, host Bill Kight speaks with old friend Kevin Warner, who started his new job as the head of the Aspen/Sopris Ranger District of the White River National Forest on December 2nd, 2019.

Raleigh Burleigh/KDNK

This month on For Land's Sake, host Bill Kight talks about sense of place and place making with Genevieve Joelle Villamizar.

This month's episode of For Land's Sake features a conversation with Karin Teague, Executive Director of the Independence Pass foundation.

This month's episode of For Land's Sake features a conversation with Carl Segerstrom of High Country News. Segerstrom is a Contributing Editor with HCN's North Desk, covering Alaksa, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho and Montana. Host Bill Kight talks to Segerstrom about the recent nomination of Rifle, Colorado native David Bernhardt for U.S. Interior Secretary and what's ahead for the Endangered Species Act. For Land's Sake airs the second Tuesday of every month on KDNK. Host Bill Kight talks to guests sharing thoughts on their personal connection to the land. Hear archived episodes here.

Bill Kight

Gwen Garcelon, executive director of the Roaring Fork Food Alliance, joins Bill Kight to talk about the local food movement and increasing demand for food security in Colorado.

Host Bill Kight refreshes our memories of Ed Abbey and introduces him to the next generation of land lovers.

Local ecologist Delia Malone talks to Bill about the importance of wildland predators.

For Land's Sake October, 2016

Oct 11, 2016

Jonathan Dunn discusses his idea for a park, instead of housing developments, at the confluence of the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers in Glenwood Springs.

Bill's guest today is landscape artist and writer Genevieve Joelle Villamizar.