Laura Palmisano

Montrose CASA Program Helps Youth Aged Out of Foster Care

Oct 5, 2021


Imagine turning 18 and finding yourself aged out of the foster care system. You don’t have the resources to support yourself and now face homelessness. There’s a program in Montrose to help youth in this situation. As KVNF's Laura Palmisano reports, the program provides affordable housing plus support and guidance.

Violinists Share Music with Lake City

Aug 23, 2021

For one week each summer, a group of violinists coverge on the tiny mountain town of Lake City. As KVNF's Laura Palmisano reports, they come to improve their craft and make their music accessible to the community.

Homeless Center Opens in Montrose

Jun 28, 2021
Laura Palmisano

A new center hoping to meet the basic needs of the homeless in Montrose is now open. As Laura Palmisano reports for KVNF, the center offers everything from free hot meals on weekdays to referrals for job training.

Lauren Boebert Speaks in Lake City

May 13, 2021
Laura Palmisano, KFNV

Republican Congressmember Lauren Boebert stopped in Lake City, Colorado earlier this month. KVNF’s Laura Palmisano was at the event and has this report.

How Montrose Tackles Homelessness and Where It Comes Up Short

Feb 7, 2021
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Demand for services to help the homeless is way up in Montrose because of the pandemic. For KVNF News, Laura Palmisano's in-depth report takes a look at how the town is addressing the needs of this population and where it's coming up short.

Hinsdale County Buys Island, Peninsula on Lake San Cristobal

Dec 28, 2020
Laura Palmisano

The island and peninsula on Lake San Cristobal outside Lake City is now owned by Hinsdale County. Some Lake City residents raised $200,000 to help buy the 10.3-acre property; Great Outdoors Colorado pitched in over $1 million. For KVNF News, Laura Palmisano speaks with Hinsdale County Commissioner Kristine Borchers.

Solving the problem of homelessness is complicated for any community, but a private nonprofit in Montrose County seems to be having some success. Laura Palmisano brings us an in-depth look at Haven House. Support for this story came from a Solutions Journalism Network grant.

When It's Dark in Lake City, Look for Stars

Sep 29, 2020
Michael Underwood

The small mountain town of Lake City, Colorado now hosts an International Dark Sky Park. KVNF's Laura Palmisano reports.

Independent Movie Theatres Emerge from COVID Closures

Aug 28, 2020
Laura Palmisano

The movie business, like many industries, is struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused many movie theaters to close for months. But, some independent and chain theaters are reopening. For KVNF News, Laura Palmisano reports.

Laura Palmisano

(UPDATED 7/28/2020) The death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police sparked outrage and protests across the globe. In the U.S, Black Lives Matter protests and demonstrations flared up in late May and continue to this day. A group of about fifty people gathered in the small town of Lake City, Colorado for a BLM march in June, including a few of Lake City’s Black and multiracial residents. However, the town’s only Black religious leader and his family were not invited. For KVNF, Laura Palmisano brings us the story of what happened.

Is Paycheck Protection Working on the Western Slope?

Jun 2, 2020


Businesses across the country have received funds through the federal Paycheck Protection Program, also known as PPP. In Colorado so far, more than 97,000 businesses have received these loans. But, not all companies are eligible for them... nor does the Small Business Administration keep tabs on how many have been rejected.  KVNF reporter Laura Palmisano takes a look at how well the Paycheck Protection Program is working on the Western Slope.

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Whippoorwill, a Fort Collins-based, alternative folk-rock trio were set to play in Carbondale last month at Steve's Guitars but the concert was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The group’s shows in April are also cancelled following Governor Jared Polis' statewide stay-at-home public health order. For KDNK, Laura Palmisano brings us an interview with Alysia Kraft of Whippoorwill.