Mary Ferguson

The late Mary Ferguson has a converstion with KDNK's former Music Director about a trip to Greece he took. For longtime KDNK listeners, these will be familiar voices.

In 1984, the late Mary Ferguson recorded an interview with a man named Elmer Bair. But, the tape did not work on the radio, so Mary and the late Frank Smotherman ended up just having a conversation live on-air. This is the second part of that conversation. 

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This is a conversation between the late Mary Ferguson and longtime Carbondale resident Rusty Burtard. Thank you to the Carbondale Historical Society for helping make these conversations available. You can find the complete audio archive and transcriptions by clicking here.


KDNK Debuts Long-Lost Historical Audio Archive

Apr 8, 2021
Carbondale Historical Society

KDNK and the Carbondale Historical Society collaborated to revive some historic voices! The late Mary Ferguson hosted "This I Remember" on KDNK in the '80s and '90s.