Minimum Wage

Some of the biggest and most contentious laws the state legislature passed this year are going into effect on Wednesday.

Together, the new laws aim to prevent suicides and gun violence, protect hospital patients from unexpected medical bills and give local governments the power to raise their minimum wages higher than the state level.

Colorado Fiscal Institute

KDNK News Director Lucas Turner speaks with Senior Economist Chris Stiffler to break down a new report on low wage-jobs in Colorado. The report from Colorado Fiscal Institute covers worker demographics, impacts of raising the minimum wage, unemployment rates, and more.

A new rule from the US Department of Labor that would have made millions of employees eligible for overtime pay was scheduled to take effect today, but a Texas federal district court has placed a temporary injunction blocking its implementation nationwide. News director Gavin Dahl spoke to Renny Fagan, president and CEO of the Colorado Nonprofit Association, about overtime pay and the minimum wage.