Mona Newton

CORE to Cut Some Services to Garfield, Gunnison Counties

Oct 13, 2020

The Community Office for Resource Efficiency or CORE is making changes in 2021, specifically with its Renewable Energy Mitigation Program - or REMP – funds. Those funds have decreased, which means cuts to services in Garfield and Gunnison counties. KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh spoke with Mona Newton, director of CORE, for details.

Towns and businesses in the upper Roaring Fork Valley have made progress eliminating carbon emissions, but there’s more to do. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh spoke with Mona Newton, director of the Community Office for Resource Efficiency, about CORE’s recent report.

Roaring Stories

In early June, six local storytellers took the stage at Carbondale's Rock Bottom Ranch for the second annual Roaring Stories, presented by the Community Office for Resource Efficiency, Writ Large, ACES, and KDNK. The stories they told reflect their thoughts on climate change and when it became real for each of them. This week on Express Yourself, we hear from Mona Newton. Local performing artist Alya Howe is the MC.

Dan Bayer

Future Energy: a Technologist, a Climate Scientist and an Artist Walk Into a Bar… was a moderated panel and live broadcast hosted by CORE, the Community Office for Resource Efficiency, at the Aspen Center for Physics. CORE executive director Mona Newton asked the questions, assisted by suggestions from the live audience. Panelists included Bryan Hannegan of Holy Cross Energy, Roger Pulwarty of NOAA-Boulder, and environmental artist Sarah Uhl. Due to Internet dropouts, about ten minutes of the middle of the event were not broadcast. That section has been removed from this archive. CORE is celebrating their 25th anniversary.

Photo Courtesy of CORE

On this evening's Nonprofit Spotlight, Amy Hadden Marsh interviews Mona Newton, executive director of CORE, Community Office for Resource Efficiency. They are celebrating 20 years in the Roaring Fork Valley.