Mountain Fair

Raleigh Burleigh

KDNK's Mountain Fair Memory Machine collected over 30 memories by the conclusion of Carbondale's 49th Mountain Fair. The machine remains operational in the backround, collecting material for a special 50th Annual Mountain Fair podcast. Share your piece by calling 970 510 3250 and leaving a message.

Jade Meyer

Carbondale's 49th Annual Mountain Fair featured the same community-loving spirit as always with important pandemic-era modifications. New traditions were birthed, including the Worstminster Dog Show and the "nearly-naked" Freedom Ride. There was also no shortage of live music and stellar rainbows to bask in. Thanks for making it happen, Carbondale Arts!

Renee Ramgee

Friday marks the start of the 49th annual Mountain Fair in Carbondale. While most other events have been cancelled, the fair continues on with a number of special adaptations. KDNK’s Lucas Turner spoke to Carbondale Art’s Executive Director Amy Kimberly to find out more.

Wick Moses

Most Carbondalians associate Mountain Fair music with the vividly decorated gazebo in Sopris Park. Barbara Bush remembers building that stage in memory of "dancing fool" Ben Reed in 1972. This year, Mountain Fair's main stage is called the Confluence Jamboree. This mobile, flatbed joy-bringer is now taking requests for neighborhoods to visit over the weekend. Share your Mountain Fair memories with KDNK by calling 970 510 3250 and leaving a message.

KDNK 1983

Wick Moses is one of the personalities that put KDNK on the air. He joins Traci Gurley-Tomashosky on United Way Cares to give a glimpse into Carbondale's colorful history, the origins of Mountain Fair and CCAH and the beginning of KDNK.

Lipbone Redding stopped by KDNK to see Kat Rich during Jamburger & Fries. Lipbone hosts OmPrana Sonic Meditation at True Nature on August 20 at 6pm then plays at Steve's Guitars on August 21.

The Hoot is on Friday!

Aug 12, 2019

Uche Ogbuji

Mountain Fair's featured poet Uche Ogbuji performed his poem "Salute to the First Nations" on Saturday, July 27. Uche joined Raleigh Burleigh for a quick interview on the following day.

Saturday Community Calendar

Jul 27, 2019

Here’s your community calendar for Saturday, July 27th, underwritten by Sopris Liquor and Wine, offering Cerveza Sopris Mexican Lager in partnership with Roaring Fork Beer Company. For the list of today's events, like Mountain Fair after parties, click on the headline.

Friday Community Calendar

Jul 26, 2019
Brian Colley

Here’s your community calendar for Friday, July 26th, underwritten by Sopris Liquor and Wine, offering Cerveza Sopris Mexican Lager in partnership with Roaring Fork Beer Company. For the list of today's events, like Carbondale's 48th Annual Mountain Fair, click on the headline.

Thursday Community Calendar

Jul 25, 2019
Carbondale Beer Works

Here’s your community calendar for Thursday, July 25th, underwritten by Sopris Liquor and Wine, offering Cerveza Sopris Mexican Lager in partnership with Roaring Fork Beer Company. For the list of today's events, like a pre-Mountain Fair tie dye party at Carbondale Beer Works, click on the headline.


For 27 years, Fred “Lightning Heart” Haberlein began every Mountain Fair with a blessing. Though he found a true place in front of that microphone every year, it was not a bully pulpit. It was a place for him to serve our community by gently reminding us of quiet and eternal truths. His words were clear and his intent was positive, just as the Mountain Fair itself is. Sadly, Fred passed away in the spring of 2018. Please enjoy these Lightning Heart blessings from four different Mountain Fairs past.

Justine Johnson

Keith Turner, guitar player and co-founder of The Dendrites, talks with KDNK station manager Gavin Dahl about winning Best Ska Band in Westword, the signficant influence of The Skatalites, and the band's excitement about playing the 47th annual Carbondale Mountain Fair. Today at 5:15pm they hit the gazebo stage and KDNK's airwaves during the live broadcast. Tune in live here.

AZYEP News Gets the Scoop on Mountain Fair

Jul 26, 2018
Bonnie Barker

The Andy Zanca Youth News Team spoke to Carbondale Arts executive director Amy Kimberly about what to expect for this year’s Mountain Fair. Here's a clip from that conversation. Carbondale’s 47th annual Mountain Fair begins tomorrow, July 27, and continues through Sunday. KDNK will be live-broadcasting the celebration from Sopris Park all weekend.

Weekend Calender

Jul 29, 2017
Riley Hutchens


Here’s your community calendar for Saturday, July 29 ~Mountain Fair Weekend~ underwritten by the Mount Sopris Rotary Club, meeting every Thursday at noon at Mi Casita in Carbondale. Rotary: Service above self. Click the headline for today's list of events, including the 46th Annual Mountain Fair's music lineup!

AH Marsh Photo

The 46th Annual Carbondale Mountain Fair gets a rolling start with the Community Drum Circle at 4, led by the mother of the Mother of All Drum Circles, Laurie Loeb.

The band played a couple tunes live on Beyond Beyond before their Mountain Fair gig, Milonga and Rumo au Bosque. We discovered they are working on a new tune called Rumba & Raga. And their new drummer has more tattoos than he can count. Valle Musico plays the Fair on Saturday from 12:30-2pm

Phyllis and Amos

Water Protectors from the Cheyenne River Tribe will join this year’s Mountain Fair. KDNK’s Raleigh Burleigh spoke with Sunka Wakan Sapa, Black Horse, to learn more.

Let Them Roar

The 46th Annual Carbondale Mountain Fair begins Friday. Let Them Roar will showcase a new song with community participation. KDNK's Raleigh Burleigh spoke with Olivia Pevec to learn more. Let Them Roar will also be performing at Steve's Guitars on Friday night.

Peter Bell


The 46th Annual Carbondale Mountain Fair begins Friday. This year, Ascendigo Autism Services with Scavenger Industries invites attendees to construct an art bench to be installed along the Rio Grande ARTway. KDNK's Raleigh Burleigh spoke with President and CEO Peter Bell to learn more.

Brian Colley


The 46th Annual Carbondale Mountain Fair begins this Friday. KDNK’s Raleigh Burleigh spoke with Carbondale Arts to learn what changes to expect this year.

Renee Ramge

Bob's Free Music Calendar for Summer 2017 is out now. You can view it or download it for yourself by clicking here.

On today's Local Newscast, H2O Radio in Denver talks to former EPA scientist Dominic DiGiulio for a feature called Drilling Apart Democracy. Carbondale Arts has announced that March 4th Marching Band will close out Mountain Fair and this year's theme is WATER. Bente Birkeland reports on two bills at the Capitol. Eric Galatas looks at opposition to selling public lands from hunting, fishing, conservation and outdoor-industry organizations. And the Valley Settlement Project has announced they are now a standalone nonprofit.

Todo Mundo plays live on KDNK from the stage at Mountain Fair in 2014.

This El Paso band impressed with their blend of Mexican folk, African and Caribbean music. The whole Mountain Fair was dancing to this long jam "Radio Mexica" on July 25, 2014.

Shawn O'Connor

During Morning Edition today, Steve Skinner and Steve Cole were thanking donors who have renewed their memberships during this pledge drive and things got a little out of hand when Olivia Pevec's name came up. Pevec is defending champion of Women's Woodsplitting at Mountain Fair. Gotta love how much Steve and Steve love Olivia.

Lewis Cooper

Carbondale’s favorite jam band with a long tune perfect for a Summer afternoon at Mountain Fair on July 25, 2015.

Courtesy Elephant Revival

Elephant Revival, the up and coming transcendental folk band from Nederland, perform at their first Mountain Fair.