Mountain Family Health Centers

Mountain Family Health Centers

Mountain Family Health has initiated new protocols for COVD-19. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh has the details.

The Family Resource Center of the Roaring Fork Schools talks with Dr. Maria Roques, pediatrician at Mountain Family Health Centers. Roques shares helpful tips and recommendations for parents of kids ages 0 to 18. /El Centro de Recursos Familiares de las Escuelas Roaring Fork habla con la Dra. Maria Roques, pediatra de los Centros de Salud Familiar de Mountain. Roques comparte consejos y recomendaciones útiles para padres de niños de 0 a 18 años.

Recent updates to the public charge rule will affect open immigration cases. Experts are advising anyone affected by the rule changes to seek accurate information and community resources. In this story KDNK news Lucas Turner speaks with Roni Morales of Mountain Family Health Centers to get more specific details on the rule. Roni Also shares a list of national and community resources.

Mountain Family Health Centers

Según el plan del gobierno federal, cambios para la regla “carga pública” se tomarán efecto este 15 de octubre. Esto puede impactar a individuos que aspiran conseguir una residencia permanente en los Estados Unidos. Por Mountain Family Health Centers, Roni Morales nos cuenta un poco más sobre el tema...

Mountain Family Health Centers

Today is the final day for public comment on a proposed federal rule change that would make it more difficult for immigrants who apply for assistance programs to achieve legal status. KDNK’s Raleigh Burleigh spoke with Danyelle Rigli, executive assistant and advocacy coordinator for Mountain Family Health Centers, about why their board of directors are opposing the rule change.

Silvia Santana

Silvia Santana, que trabaja en Mountain Family Health Centers, nos contó esta mañana sobre la inscripción abierta y el porqué su familia y Ud. necesitan de un seguro médico.

Myrnall Fletchall, Mountain Family Health Centers

Brandon Fletchall is a senior at Rifle High School and until a few weeks ago he had anticipated leaving the country before accruing unlawful presence. Brandon was brought to the country as a child and his dream is to serve the country as a military anesthesiologist. In March, Brandon traveled to Washington, D.C. with Mountain Family Health Centers CEO Ross Brooks to talk with members of Congress about the need for a path forward for children without immigration status. For today’s Valley Voices, Raleigh Burleigh interviews Brandon and his mother Myrnall about their journey.


After decades of bipartisan support, federal funding lapsed for health centers around the country. For over four months now, health centers have operated without that critical funding. Today, advocates wear red to raise awareness and call on Congress to approve funding for the next few years. KDNK’s Raleigh Burleigh spoke with Ross Brooks, CEO for Mountain Family Health Centers, to learn more...

Mountain Family Health Centers

As part of our fall membership drive KDNK is highlighting many of the organizations that make our communities great, today Raleigh Burleigh interviews Garry Schalla, Development Director for Mountain Family Health Centers.