Jerome Osentowski and Taylor Algers call-in from the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute to provide an update as to their operations during this time of pandemic. Their conversation focuses on strengthening the immune system and incorporating permaculture practices for community resiliency.

Avery Ecological Design

In August of 2018, following months of intense drought in Colorado, water specialist Avery Ellis shared permaculture practices and strategies with Living Permaculture.

The February edition of Living Permaculture features Paonia resident Nick Hansen. He's using permaculture to improve Agape Farm & Retreat, his farm and bed & breakfast in the North Fork Valley.

The Community Food Forest Handbook

This month's guest for Living Permaculture is Catherine Bukowski, co-author of The Community Food Forest Handbook.

Avery Ecological Design

Water specialist Avery Ellis shares permaculture practices and strategies for times of drought.

Woody Tasch, founder and chairman of the Slow Money Institute, shares with host Stephanie Syson and guest host Gwen Garcelon about his newest book.

Adam Brock

Adam Brock, author of Change Here Now, applies concepts from permaculture to help achieve more resilient and sustainable communities, both urban and rural.

Host Jerome Osentowski interviews Michael Judd, founder of Ecologia , and pawpaw enthusiast about this delicious and nutritious fruit that is indigenous to North America.

Pachamama Fair Trade

Stephanie Syson meets an inspired group of farmers from Pachamama Fair Trade in Tecate, Mexico working to connect the North and South via sustainable food and permaculture practices.

Katrina Blair explains she learned to trust herself, because the only rule for her growing up was “Be true to Yourself.”