Ask The Vet: Hot Summer Tips

Jun 17, 2021
Alpine Animal Hospital

Hosts discuss all things summer! Dr. Mellissa Gisleson and nurse Darren give listeners tips on how to keep pups cool this hot summer. More tips on how to keep anxious dogs calm during 4th of July and thunderstorms.

Senior Matters Celebrates Our Furry Friends

May 13, 2021
Kathleen Shannon/KDNK

No Grapes for Dogs & No Lilies for Cats

Mar 18, 2021
Alpine Animal Hospital

Dr. Davis and Rochelle from Alpine Animal Hospital talk common pet toxins that lead to poisoning, including household products, human foods and medicines, insecticides, and compost!

Veterinary Technician team leader Emily Yannarella talks to colleague and fellow Certified Veterinary Technician Darren Houser about the day-to-day responsibilities of Veterinary Technicians and nuances in technical specializations and certifications across the country. They also answer live caller questions, and share guidance for overcoming fear and providing a positive experience during check ups or while taking care of our pets at home.  Examples include high incentive rewards like smelly foods, special pheromones, alternative strategies for schedule check ups, anti anxiety medications and more.

Ask the Vet Explores Responsible Pet Ownership

Feb 20, 2020
Alpine Animal Hospital

Beth Broome and Dr. Melissa Gisleson recognize February as "Responsible Pet Ownership Month."

State lawmakers have been debating a bill that would limit where residents can find a new pet. KDNK’s Scott Franz has more.


This week's topics range from pharmacy visits to designer dogs to colonoscopies.

Ask the Vet

This month's edition of the Ask the Vet, host Beth Broome talks with Dr. Melissa Gisleson of Alpine Animal Hospital about heart health in pets and animals. February is American Heart Month.

Ask the Vet: From a Puppy to a Dog

Jan 21, 2019
Ask the Vet

On this month's edition of Ask the Vet, Beth talks to Dr. Liz Foster about the best ways to make sure your new puppy grows into a healthy, happy dog. Ask the Vet airs on the third Thursday of each month. Local veterinarians discuss timely topics important to the health of dogs, cats and horses. Subjects range from preventive care to treatment and behavior. Hear archived episodes here.

Ask the Vet Shares Canine Behavior Advice

Oct 18, 2018
Wikipedia Commons

Certified canine behavior consultant Beth Broome shares her knowledge on properly training dogs.

Traveling with Pets Advice on Ask the Vet

Jul 19, 2018
Alpine Animal Hospital

Dr. Chad Roeber of Alpine Animal Hosptial joins Beth Broome to discuss traveling with pets and summer heat!

AH Marsh photo

As evacuation notices increased overnight, so did the need for places to put pets and livestock. Click through for an update on who's taking what and who isn't.