Proposition 112

Democrat Jared Polis is the governor-elect. In the 6th Congressional District, Jason Crow takes the win, unseating five-time incumbent Republican Mike Coffman.

Ballot measures were met with mixed support: Transportation measures 109 and 110, along with oil and gas well setback measure Proposition 112 failed, while amendments Y and Z, which address partisan gerrymandering, passed.

Gabrielle Louise

Activist and musician Gabrielle Louise and filmmaker Naropa Sabine stopped by Express Yourself to speak with KDNK's Raleigh Burleigh about their music video for Industry, a new single from Gabrielle that tells the story of Paonia’s push to preserve the North Fork Valley.

He owns a small business that does contract work for some of Colorado’s largest oil and gas companies. She runs a marketing firm from home and lives within a half-mile of three well pads.

She’s voting yes on Proposition 112. He’s voting no.

A new poll from the University of Colorado reveals what voters think of new oil and gas setbacks, a tax increase for education and their choices for governor.

Proposition 112 Pros, Cons from County Energy Board Forum

Oct 17, 2018
AH Marsh photo

Here, you can listen to the entire presentation of the pros and cons of Proposition 112, including Q & A, from the Garfield County Energy Advisory Board's Oil and Gas Ballot Issue Forum on October 4, 2018. Heidi Henkel of Colorado Rising, is the proponent. Simon Lomax of Vital for Colorado opposes.

AH Marsh photo

Proposition 112 asks Colorado voters to approve a 2500-foot setback for oil and natural gas drilling in the state. The Garfield County Energy Advisory Board recently featured a forum about the issue. Here, Heidi Henkel of Colorado Rising and Simon Lomax of Vital for Colorado discuss the pros and cons of the measure, which have been edited for time. KMTS News Director Ron Millhorn moderates. Click here to listen to all of the remarks by Henkel and Lomax, including Q & A. Click here for the 2018 Colorado Ballot Information Booklet (the Blue Book) in English.

Raleigh Burleigh

Last Thursday, Western Colorado Independent Voters hosted a candidate forum for Colorado House District 57 candidates Bob Rankin and Colin Wilhelm. The most contention topic of the evening was Proposition 112, the 2500 foot setback initiative. This clip begins with Representative Rankin, the Republican incumbent. Audio of the full hour is available here.