Lucas Turner

On this month's program, we explore the dynamics of blind people who are being grabbed by sighted people wherever they go. We also receive a guide to 200 Braille trails and sensory gardens, meet the world’s best known blind traveler, get tips on easier ways to find luggage, play a little blind tennis, and get special tips on reducing our chances of getting the Coronavirus.

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This week on Whatever: sports like caving. Plus, Lil' Willy calls in to announce that he's running for president.

The Sopris Sun

Megan Tackett, reporter for The Sopris Sun, shares about her travels and interviews the Roaring Fork High School soccer team.

Courtesy Photo

After a skiing accident in March 2017 left local athlete Soren Lindholm paralyzed from the waist down, it was doubtful that he would walk again. KDNK’s Raleigh Burleigh spoke with Lauryn Maloney-Gephert, founder of The Neuroplastic Functional Institute, about her recovery techniques that are defying expectations. A fundraiser for the CONNECT program is on May 25 at the Carbondale Launchpad from 5pm to 7:30. Tickets are available at the door.

Bronco Babble

Sep 22, 2017

Sarah, Jane and Luke talk about the blowout statement win over the Cowboys, Crybaby Jay, how the B- Boys better not overlook the Bills, and Goin' to Kansas City as a theme song for Bronco Babble. Catch Bronco Babble every Thursday at 4:00 until the joyous end in February.

Gavin Dahl

With the Denver Broncos kicking off the regular season tonight against the Carolina Panthers, much-loved Carbondale vet Dr. Ben Mackin was pranked early this morning by a local pet owner. Dr. Mackin is known to favor a football team from the northeast with ball size problems.