Sanctuary Unidos

Many Americans are receiving a stimulus check from the federal government. For countless families living in our country, however, this and other sources of aid are unavailable due to their immigration status. Local nonprofit incubator MANAUS established an emergency relief fund to serve those excluded, from Parachute to Aspen. This fund has already distributed aid to hundreds of families with support from Valley Settlement, Aspen Community Foundation, Colorado Trust, and other donors including participants of a stimulus check redistribution initiative organized by Sanctuary Unidos.

Shifting Gears

Local Tyler Lindsay returns on Shifting Gears to continue a cross-generational conversation with Will Evans about our relationship to this planet mounting uncertainty. This is part 3 of a 3 part series.

Will Evans


Dick Lamm,


38th Governor of Colorado,


reflects as an elder


on the


“Law of Unintended Consequences”


and our relationship




Bryan Austin, studio: cosmos

Bryant Austin extends to whales “the right to be” and he understands our lifestyle is killing whales. On their part the Whales learned it was safe to come up to Bryant and as a result, he has been able to photograph them up close - creating composite life size images.

Will Evans

Woody Morrison, a Haida Elder and History Keeper, in Vancouver, BC works today to heal indigenous people and describes how children grew up trusting everyone in their tribal clan. They trusted each other and themselves. When the Canadian Government took children away from their families and out of their villages by force, children were taught “Don’t trust, someone will cheat you.”

Katrina Blair explains she learned to trust herself, because the only rule for her growing up was “Be true to Yourself.”