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Glenwood Springs Pride Festival returns for 2023

Courtesy of Creative Commons

When LGBTQ+ community members in the Roaring Fork Valley found out last year that the city would have their first-ever Pride fest, they were excited.
Now, the event is back with even more activities and live music. Speakers on the list include state-level and local politicians, and several bilingual public figures. KDNK interviewed event organizer Kaleb Cook, the founder of local accessibility and inclusion nonprofit Cook Inclusive Co. about what they have planned.

"We are super excited to offer live music vendors food and drink specials, and then activities for the whole family. We are also really focused on making sure it's inclusive for all, so anyone that speaks Spanish, anyone that needs American Sign Language interpretation, we will have access to those services as well.

There is so much to do! So all of our different booths and vendors are really encouraged to bring in accessible activities for people to participate in. We have Challenge Aspen coming and they're gonna be able to provide activity on how adaptive technology works for adaptive skiing and adaptive recreation.

We also have a bunch of different art projects sponsored by PFlag Roaring Fork. So we can display this and show our beautiful community through this medium. And we also have some really fun yard games and other like bubbles and all that jazz for kids to hang out with.

And then, I think the best part of it all is the live music with Party Party.
It's a queer-run band that will be providing amazing music for us to dance, it is open to everyone. I really encourage people that are not even comfortable with the queer community or not have any experience. This is a great way to really just see this beautiful community thrive and celebrate. I am bringing a lot of allies and I encourage straight people and people that don't identify in the queer community to really come and even if you do know someone that is in the queer community, you can support them in going, but the best way to support them is by going with them.

I'm really encouraging all people, all abilities, and anyone to come. With Cook Inclusive's mission being so focused on disability and queer inclusion, we are really making steps to make sure this is an accessible event for all. So if you utilize a wheelchair or if you have sensory needs, we can accommodate. All of our spaces are accessible for people that utilize wheelchairs.

Gay for Good Rocky Mountains is amazing and is donating sensory headphones. So if you are an individual that's on the spectrum or that gets over stimulated easily by crowds or loud noises, we have headphones for you guys. The aim is that regardless of where you're coming from, regardless of your background, you're able to enjoy this event fully."

The event is in Glenwood Springs on June 10th in Bethel Plaza, and begins at 5pm. Organizers note that the festival is free to attend, and all speeches and music at the event will be interpreted into Spanish and American Sign Language.

Hattison Rensberry has a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Drawing, but has worked for newsrooms in various capacities since 2019.
She also provides Editorial Design for the Sopris Sun.