KDNK provides public access radio that connects community members to one another and the world.
So what you hear on KDNK Community Radio is the best of a whole universe of music filtered through the intelligence and passion of our 100 volunteer DJs. It will always move you, in a way that tight formats and commercial blather never will.
We have 15,000 CDs in our library, 5000 record albums in the attic, and 30,000 tracks in our on-air digital system. We also have DJs with extensive collections of their own.
It all comes together in a wondrous musical gumbo. Former Music Director Skip Naft said it well, “There’s an amazing tolerance and lack of fear at KDNK. It’s wacky and goofy and stupid sometimes and proud of it. KDNK also has its serious and grown-up side, but it knows how to let its freak flag fly.”
Enjoy the music.
KDNK is format free. Our volunteer DJs play whatever they’d like. Consequently, we will listen to anything. A good 75% of what we receive makes it onto the New Music shelf in the on-air studio for our DJs to play. Not all of those, of course, get spins from our DJs.
Please send your CDs to: 
POB 1388
Carbondale, CO 81623
Attn: Cody
We do accept digital submissions, but most of our DJs prefer hard-copy CDs. Consequently, KDNK’s music staff gives priority to CDs. Digital submissions will often languish in the inbox. You can send mp3s or links to and
KDNK no longer takes music tracking calls. We do respond to e-mails. The relevant e-mail addresses are the two above. We urge you to check out the Current Releases at KDNK section of our music page to find out if we have added your CD to the library, whether it has any spins, and whether it is charted on any of the three charts KDNK subscribes to.