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Community support for refugees continues with music

Homeless refugees that were discovered living under a bridge in Carbondale, have recently moved into the Third Street Center’s gymnasium. Many of the Carbondale community have rallied around them. For KDNK, Lily Jones has more.

"Jones: Yesterday afternoon, local folk band Sweet Root took their talents to the 3rd Street Center, where dozens of Venezuelan refugees are in need of a little music. Band members say this is their way of giving back to the community.

Mejia: My name is Gabriela Mejia and I am part of Sweet Root Band and we Play beautiful music that is rooted in reverence for traditional folk and a love for the land. We had the incredible opportunity and honor play music with the refugees staying in the Third Street Center.

Jones: It really seems like you guys had a lot of fun. Are you looking forward to going back?

Mejia: Yeah, they actuallygave us some homework of some songs to learn so that we can play with them and they can sing. To be able to connect with them in that way, uh, is very meaningful and just a lot of fun, bringing them some joy, you know, during these, uh, challenging times.

Jones: So for anyone interested in making donations or helping in some way, who would you recommend that these people talk to?

Mejia: So Voces Unidas, they are the ones that are handling most of the... organizing pretty much the food and any events or clothing and donations for the refugees. So if there's any, um, interest in that, to just contact them.

Jones: Sweet Root also encourages other musicians interested in playing with and for the refugees to reach out to Colin Laird, the executive director of the Third Street Center.

Jones: For KDNK News, I'm Lily Jones."

Lily Jones is a recent graduate of Mississippi State University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a concentration in Broadcasting and Digital Journalism. At WMSV, MSU's college radio station, Jones served as the Public Affairs and Social Media Coordinator.