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Basalt's Chamber of Commerce hosts their annual meeting

Courtesy of Jason Charme/Aspen Daily News
Photo from the archives.

This morning the Basalt Chamber of Commerce held their annual meeting, and brought in several speakers to address workforce challenges. The challenge that had the most solutions presented, was that of a diminished workforce. With the rise in retirements and drop in birth rates, employers are scrambling to find ways to attract, retain, and grow young or inexperienced employees into effective members of the workforce. One solution noted in is to better prepare students to enter the workforce through a variety of channels. Mitchell Foss, an Secondary Instructional Facilitaor for RFSD spoke more on the topic.

" We're partnering with groups like BOCES, or CareerWise, to develop these opportunities for our students to find out what they want to do before they finish high school. We had that in place, but then, remember, we moved to this model of, 'we're going to send every kid to college'. And now we're coming back, 'well, maybe college isn't the best path for every kid, maybe we need to talk about their future and not wait until they're in college for them to figure that out and spend lots of money...' lots of their parents money."

An audio recording and slides from the meeting will be available later on the Basalt Chamber’s website

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