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Possible food truck site goes before P&Z

A screen capture of the plan from the Planning and Zoning commission stream.
A screen capture of the plan from the Planning and Zoning commission stream.

In a presentation to Carbondale’s Planning and Zoning commission this week, a group brought forth the concept of a food truck park utilizing the combination of the property and several small surrounding plots, currently at 111 Main Street. KDNK News Director Hattison Rensberry has more.

"Projected designs include adding more windows to the house on the property, and to repurpose the space which has seen a variety of uses since it was built in 1888. Designs for the outdoor space on the property include spots for three food trucks as well as an outdoor patio, and additions of A D A access and bike parking. The bike parking is an important addition, as the new plans would not include commercial parking onsite.

The plan has multiple phases. The second phase includes adding more bathrooms, and a large commissary in separate buildings. Outdoors may accommodate a fourth food vendor. 

Public comment on the project was generally positive, with several residents expressing their interest for adding more activities on the South side of town, as well as asking questions. 
Carbondale resident Regina voiced her concerns to the presenters.

Presenters replied that individual trucks would not be using generators, and hours of operation would stick within town code of 7am to 11:30pm. 
The most prominently mentioned selling point on the project focuses on creating an entertaining draw for the Southernmost section downtown Carbondale. Additionally, with a “use it or lose it” policy applied to the project, developers have noted that if the second phase of the project has not happened within 5 years of the completion of phase one, then phase one will remain unchanged. As the property butts up to the Rio Grande Trail, it has the potential to engage with the trail and for collaboration with RFTA.
For KDNK News, I’m Hattison Rensberry."