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Local artists reveal sculpture at El Dorado

Courtesy photo
The new multimedia sculpture installed in El Dorado's front bar area.

Carbondale’s newest bar, El Dorado on Main Street, is celebrating its connection to the town’s unique arts community with a brand new commission, designed and built by local creatives Brian Colley and Andrew Chandler.

On Friday afternoon, the mysterious artwork was hanging on the wall still wrapped in foam and paper. Andrew and Brian were there delivering their piece from their studios downtown. We sat in the back with owners Mike Arnold and Chris Rullet to discuss the creative process. Here's Arnold, "When we built the bar, we knew the foundation was music, decor, crazy art, and the piece that was missing is the piece de resistance. I mean, I think you had that idea shortly after the building was purchased."

The pair reached out to Bryan in April, but they soon realized the multimedia piece would require another artist, and Andrew was brought on board.

Andrew Chandler had this to say, "I don't really have a main medium. I would call myself a maker or a fabricator. And my thing is to be able to figure out what material would best solve the task at hand. There is a lighting component and a transparent acrylic component and a bunch of beautifully painted panels by Mr. Brian Colley. The unique thing about, I've learned about Carbondale is just how much artistic talent is here."

Mike Arnold says, "Never could have done this piece in any other moment. This is big city talent in a little town."

After a private reception, the piece was then recovered

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