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House of Spuds

This week, the Colorado House Agriculture, Water and Natural Resources Committee met to hear several potential bills. Senate Bill 24-137, the Planting Uncertified Potatoes Act, passed out of the committee onto the next phase. But, not before committee members had a little fun with it.

"Alright, next up, we’ll just give a minute to get our sponsors for Senate Bill 137, Planting Uncertified Potatoes, to come to the table. This wins some award for the title"

Members of the House Agriculture, Water and Natural Resources Committee got the giggles Monday during discussion of SB 24-137. After presentations and comments on the bill, potato puns were non-stop…

Representative Lindsey: "Thank you, Madam Chair. Um, I just want to say I'm so glad to see you two best buddies, uh, working together on this bill and bringing it forth to the committee. So thank you. "

Representative McLaughlin: "Yes, and I'd like to know what your thoughts are on this matter."

"Representative Holter, would you like to take Representative McLaughlin's question, please?"

"Yes, ma'am. I got tater tots about this."

Representative Lukens: "Thank you, Madam Chair. I just wanted to say that was spud-tacular testimony. Representative Marvin: "Thank you. I just wanted to say that I really feel like this bill is a mash made in heaven with the potato industry."

Representative Velasco: "Um, this is a mashing. Excellent bill. And I have a question for you. Um, what do you call a reluctant potato?
Representative Martinez: "I am not sure representative."
Representative Velasco:" A hesi-tator."

Representative Lynch: "Thank you, Madam Chair. So it sounds to me like the, uh, potato industry is no small potatoes in the state. Is that correct? Representative Martinez. That is 100 percent correct, Representative Lynch. All right. Everybody."

Representative Catlin: "I have truly a legit question, but I'm kind of embarrassed now to even bring it up."

Committee chair, Representative Karen McCormick apparently could not resist.

Mccormick: "I want to know why the potatoes turned red, Representative Martinez."

Martinez: "Madame Chair, I don’t know why the potatoes turned red."

McCormick: "I think it’s because they saw the salad dressing."

And, passage of the bill included one more.

McCormick: Representative Titone."

Titone: "Thank you Madame Chair. And, I’m gonna be real honest, this bill has a lot of appeal. I’m not gonna butter you up on this but this bill is all that and a bag of chips. If this didn’t pass, it would be a total disas-tater. But, I’m not gonna sack it. Fry and stop me from voting yes! I yam a yes! Yukon do it! I will be an eye for today"

Senate Bill 24-137 now moves to the House floor on April 4.

Amy Hadden Marsh’s reporting goes back to 1990 and includes magazine, radio, newspaper and online work. She has previously served as reporter and news director for KDNK Community Radio, earning Edward R. Murrow and Colorado Broadcasters Association awards for her work. She also writes for Aspen Journalism and received a Society of Professional Journalists’ Top of the Rockies award in 2023 for a story on the Uinta Basin Railway. Her photography has also won awards. She holds a Masters in Investigative Journalism from Regis University.