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RFSD discusses student safety and building community trust

The Roaring Fork School District Board met Wednesday, April 10th, to discuss student safety, updated suspension policies, and building trust with school resource officers. The meeting opened with a Safety Summit presentation.

The district recently hosted a series of community conversations where families were able to review safety tools and give their feedback. Participants strongly supported good relationships between the staff and students. Students as a pillar of the safe school environment.
Community members pushed for updated health education regarding substance abuse, mental health, social media, and violence. Conversations surrounding school resource officers were generally positive when they focused on defining their roles clearly and acknowledging the harm they have caused in the past where SROs facilitated immigration enforcement activities on campus.

The board also raised the question of closing or partially closing the high school campus. Currently, students are able to move freely
during lunch and free periods, but because of this, the school cannot always verify who is coming and going. There are no changes anticipated for the 24 -25 school year, although different options are being explored for the future.

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