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GWS spring events kick off with hazardous waste and compost

Spring runoff continues down the Colorado River as the weather warms up, heading towards the Lower Basin.
Hattison Rensberry
Spring runoff continues down the Colorado River as the weather warms up, heading towards the Lower Basin.

"So the city will be hosting our annual household hazardous waste drop off. And that is for residents of Glenwood to come and responsibly drop off hazardous waste. And then while they're there, they can also take advantage of free compost pickup."
says Bryana Starbuck, the City of Glenwood's Public Information Officer.

When asked if there are any specific requirements for the hazardous waste that people bring in, this was her reply, "Yes, we definitely encourage folks to check out the list of acceptable materials before stopping by the event, and you can view that online at cogs. us slash waste, just to make sure that you're bringing stuff that is accepted at the event, but generally think sort of things like paints, stains, light bulbs, things like that that are more difficult to recycle, things like that.
Electronic waste, computers, and cell phones, those won't be accepted at the event, but are accepted at the Recycle Center and the landfill for a small fee. And so be sure to check out that, that list of items. And then when you come to the event, please bring an ID with you, either a driver's license or a state issued ID, just because we'll check that.

And for residents inside city limits, there's no charge for this event. And then for folks outside of the event there is a charge, just based on the volume that you're bringing in. So $2 per gallon, liquids or solids, as estimated by the attendant."

Starbuck then clarifies that the event isn't just about leaving your waste, residents can pickup local compost as well.

"So the hazardous waste drop off and the compost pickup are actually one event.

At the same event, folks can drop off their hazardous waste. And then for our spring gardening, they can pick up your bag of. Free compost. You can either bring your own bucket or load it into your truck, or we'll usually have some burlap sacks there for people to load up and all of that is super local compost that is brought to you from your South Canyon landfill that processes that compost.
So super local sort of waste system coming back to add nutrients back into the ground for us."

The Hazardous Waste Drop Off and Compost Pickup event is this Saturday, April 20th from 9 to 3 at the Glenwood Springs Community Center.

Hattison Rensberry has a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Drawing, but has worked for newsrooms in various capacities since 2019.
She also provides Editorial Design for the Sopris Sun.