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Glenwood's Pride celebrations return for a third year

Courtesy of Cook Inclusive Company

This year marks the third for Glenwood Springs Pride Festival, with new activities to offer all week. KDNK spoke to Ashley Stahl with Cook Inclusive Company about the upcoming events, beginning June 10th.
She had this to say:
"So it is going to be held under the bridge or Bethel Plaza in Glenwood Springs. They can expect this year a whole week of pride. So we have a whole bunch of events each day of the week leading up to pride on Saturday. Exciting physical opportunities like, um, self defense or yoga opportunities to learn another language in our ASL club, a volunteer day and a pride dance party all on top of all of the fun events that we're going to have going on the day of Pride.
Last year, our attendance was around 2,500 people. We're hoping to surpass that this year. So we would love to see 3, 000 or more people at the event. Our biggest partner is AspenOut. AspenOut is a huge supporter of us. We've also, we'll have a variety of booths. So we'll have Loving Beyond Understanding, we've got some local Girl Scout troops that are going to be there. PFLAG of the Roaring Fork Valley will be there. Party Party, a local band, will be performing in the earlier portion of the event while we have all the tabling going on, and then we'll have some speeches, and we will close out with our local drag queens, the Roaring Fork Divas, and they'll be the headliners of the event.
We have a lot more events coming up. This year for tables, or activities for families. So I'm really excited for people to be able to bring their youngsters out and experience the fun and celebration and excitement that is Glenwood Springs Pride. Something that's very unique about our pride compared to everything else is that our pride is meant to be fully accessible.
So it's going to be completely ADA compliant. We will have sensory headphones for anyone with sensory needs. We will have ASL and Spanish interpretation for everything. So we try to be as inclusive as possible."

Hattison Rensberry has a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Drawing, but has worked for newsrooms in various capacities since 2019.
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