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Local Newscast for September 30th

KDNK's Local Newscast airs weekday mornings at 6:41 and 7:41 during Morning Edition.

Carbondale’s new City Market is delayed, again. Trustees voted this week to approve a deadline extension for closing on the property, now projected for February 2017.


Sadly, the search for missing hiker David Cook has been suspended after 8 days. Cook, a 49-year old white male from Albuquerque, was last seen over a week ago in the Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness Area. The Pitkin County Sheriff’s office was one of a dozen agencies and organizations that teamed up to attempt to find the missing climber.


More public interest groups are coming out against Amendment 71, the so-called “Raise the Bar” initiative on this year’s statewide ballot in Colorado. The backers of proposed fracking regulations, Yes for Health and Safety Over Fracking have discontinued their efforts and volunteers have joined the opposition to 71. The state’s largest progressive organization, ProgressNow, announced yesterday they are opposing Amendment 71 as well. Executive Director Ian Silverii said in a statement quote, “Making it harder to qualify measures for the Colorado ballot without effective campaign finance reform will not reduce the attempts by special interests to modify the constitution. All it does is raise the price tag to qualify, ensuring that only the wealthy and well-connected can afford to participate in the initiative process, rigging the system for big special interests and against ordinary Coloradans.” Other groups announcing their opposition to Amendment 71 this week include the state’s largest environmental organization, Conservation Colorado, plus the Colorado Fiscal Institute, the Bell Policy Center, Colorado Common Cause and conservative group the Independence Institute. Jessica Goad from Conservation Colorado said in a statement quote, “Amendment 71 is the wrong choice for Colorado and for our efforts to enact policies that protect our environment and public health.”


Colorado temperatures could get a lot hotter in coming decades if global greenhouse gas emissions stay on their current course, according to new analysis by The Rocky Mountain Climate Organization. Eric Galatas reports.

Rifle and Carbondale are considering removing an outdated loitering law from the books. For this week’s News Brief, KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh talks to Rifle Citizen Telegram editor Ryan Hoffman about his article on the law and why it has to go.