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Glenwood Protestors Demand Humane Treatment of Immigrants

Doug Tucker

Over 100 people gathered in Glenwood Springs on Saturday to march in protest of children being separated from their parents at the border. The event was coordinated with marches across the country. KDNK’s Raleigh Burleigh reports. Follow the link to read a letter written for the occasion by Sandra Lopez, who has been in sanctuary in Carbondale for over 8 months.

Good morning everyone, my name is Sandra Lopez.
Although I am not able to be there with you all, I am with you in heart and soul.
I'm especially with those parents and children on the border.
My fight is a fight for justice and dignity for families. Regardless of our color, we are all created by the
Universe of god, we are all perfect humanity. Because of that, no one it illegal. Humanity can never be
Those parents, with their children, who have risked their lives to cross the border and are being
separated against their will, breaks my heart. Whether it's crossing the border or inside the United
States, we are all dreamers with a thirst to find a better future.
I am a mother of 3 US citizen children. Unfortunately, I was unjustly arrested in 2010 under a law that
has since been repealed – SB 90, which forced police to ask people to show their papers.
That law was repealed thanks to many mothers including myself who joined together, raised our voices,
and told our stories. Although the charges were dropped and that law was repealed, I am paying a very
high price, and that is deportation.
Please support me with People's Resolution, by endorsing and sharing it. This is a crucially important
time for me and my sisters in Sanctuary. On October 19th 2017, ICE denied my stay of removal. I
refused to go with them, I will not be ripped from my home and separated from my children! They are
everything to me, my love as a mother is unconditional, just like yours. For that reason, I made the
difficult decision to take sanctuary.
Let me tell you, this country is beautiful. There are many immigrants from all kinds of places.
Diversity is beautiful! But sadly, what is happening today on the border of zero tolerance is shameful,
having children locked in cages! Something that without a doubt will live forever in the memory of the
United States, those children who were disappeared, and separated form their parents, something totally
unacceptable that violates all the values of the Constitution. So we appreciate enormously your
support. It hurts so much to be separated from your children, whether it's on the border or inside the
U.S., there is no difference, forced separation is wrong, unjust, and breaks our hearts. Please, support
us with the People's Resolution!
With love,

Raleigh Burleigh was raised in the historic floodplanes of Satank. The Carbondale Rotary Club sponsored him as a youth ambassador to Chile the year before his graduation from Roaring Fork High School. He studied International Affairs and Journalism at the University of Colorado, Boulder then applied those studies traveling throughout South America the following year. Returning to Carbondale thereafter, Raleigh acquired an internship with KDNK News which led to the opportunity to serve as News Director from 2017 to 2019. After another trip to South America in early 2019, Raleigh Burleigh drew deeper into the confluence as Program Director at KDNK. Raleigh now serves on KDNK's board of directors and as editor of Carbondale's weekly newspaper, The Sopris Sun.