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Liberación de la Madre Tierra Define el Concepto "Terricidio"

Liberación de la madre Tierra

En principios de febrero, organización Movimiento de Mujeres Indígenas por el Buen Vivir convocó un campamento climático en el Lof Mapuche Pillán Mahuiza. Convergieron mucha gente de muchas naciones para hablar sobre el "terricidio" y cómo enfrentarlo. Esta entrevista introduce el concepto del "terricidio" con Dudu de Movimiento de Mujeres Indígenas por el Buen Vivir y Sek del Proceso de Liberación de la Madre Tierra.

Raleigh Burleigh was raised in the historic floodplanes of Satank. The Carbondale Rotary Club sponsored him as a youth ambassador to Chile the year before his graduation from Roaring Fork High School. He studied International Affairs and Journalism at the University of Colorado, Boulder then applied those studies traveling throughout South America the following year. Returning to Carbondale thereafter, Raleigh acquired an internship with KDNK News which led to the opportunity to serve as News Director from 2017 to 2019. After another trip to South America in early 2019, Raleigh Burleigh drew deeper into the confluence as Program Director at KDNK. Raleigh now serves on KDNK's board of directors and as editor of Carbondale's weekly newspaper, The Sopris Sun.
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