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Colorado's Statewide Stay-At-Home Order, Explained

Gov. Jared Polis

As of Thursday morning, Gov. Jared Polis' statewide stay-at-home order is in full effect. Polis said the state's previous social distancing efforts have not been effective at slowing the virus. So what can and can't you do under the new order? What jobs are considered essential?

Here's the basic rundown.

How long does the stay-at-home order last?

The order became effective on Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 6:00 a.m. and lasts until April 11, 2020. The governor can modify or rescind it as needed.

When am I allowed to go outside?

Colorado residents are only allowed to leave home to get groceries, household necessities and medicine, care for dependents, pets or a vulnerable person, get medical care, participate in outdoor recreation at a distance of six feet from others, and go to and from work if considered critical personnel. People who are sick, or at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19, should stay indoors at all times except to seek medical care.

Am I allowed to drive or use public transit?

Yes, but only in order to perform the above activities.

What are the requirements for social distancing?

When going outside, everyone has to stay at least six feet away from other people, wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer, cough or sneeze into their elbow, refrain from shaking hands and regularly clean high-touch surfaces.

Planning on hitting the trails for outdoor recreation? Here are some additional tips and etiquette from Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Who is considered critical personnel?

Critical personnel include people who provide healthcare and government functions, or assist with public safety, manufacturing and supply chain operations. A complete list of industries can be found starting on page six of the updated public health order below:

What if I live in a city or county that has issued its own stay-at-home order?

The governor's order says that local orders that are more restrictive than the state's take precedence, but the statewide order overrides any local orders that are less strict.

The full executive order issued by Polis can be found below.

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