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Carbondale Mayor Supports Suspension of Evictions, Urges Landlords to Give Relief to Renters

Town of Carbondale

The Town of Carbondale has thrown its support behind the 9th Judicial District’s suspension of rental eviction proceedings during the COVID-19 pandemic. KDNK’s Lucas Turner has more details.

 On May 17th, James B. Boyd, Chief Judge of Colorado’s 9th Judicial District issued administrative order 20-1 which outlines court operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes a section on eviction proceedings, stating that while Courts in the 9th Judicial District will accept new filings for eviction actions, they will not be processed in court until June 1st, 2020. 


So even though the eviction process itself has not been suspended, law enforcement agencies will not facilitate evictions without a court order. 

Local leaders from religious institutions, schools, community and non-profit organizations have praised the order, but also say that it falls short, and has asked Judge Boyd to declare an explicit moratorium on evictions during the crisis.

In a letter to the community Wednesday, Carbondale Mayor Dan Richardson explained that while the Town of Carbondale does not have jurisdiction over evictions or rent relief, they will continue to advocate for the community.


DAN RICHARDSON: I think that’s where we can provide the most support, is just advocating for the suspension of evictions which is really the best tool for that.


Mayor Richardson told KDNK that every situation is different and that renters and landlords need to communicate and work with one another.


RICHARDSON: Landlords need to understand and communicate with their mortgage lender, the may be more able to provide rent relief, and likewise the renters need to communicate with their landlords. It’s gonna be different for everybody. What we do know is that the federal government has recognized this and they’ve provided some assistance, but none of us really know exactly what the assistance is going to entail. So everybody needs to know what their situation is, and know where it can be flexible and where it can’t.


Carbondale’s Mayor urged landlords to pass on any financial relief they receive from lenders or the government to their renters. He also says renters who receive any kind of eviction paperwork should seek legal advice.

Carbondale’s emergency task force has compiled a list of resources for renters, homeowners, and business owners including financial relief for individuals, legal advice, small business loans, financial consulting and more which you can find on the emergency task-force webpage at carbondalegov.org


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