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Congratulations to Immigrant Stories for the Colorado Broadcasters Association Award for best Public Affairs show featuring Glenwood Springs High School Principal Paul Freeman.



BeyOndrea is the host of: The Great American Music Exchange, also known as, The G.A.M.E. Show.

Residing in the Roaring Fork Valley since 2014, she revels in the ability to travel around the Southwest and beyond to see all kinds of music.

It wasn't until the coronavirus hit in 2020 and the lack of live music performances, that she needed a new musical outlet; enter KDNK! Her credo: To bring music from all over the world back to Carbondalewithout traveling. It will be the ‘greatest american music exchange’ ever attempted by BeyOndrea.

Growing up in the Midwest, BeyOndrea grew tired of the repeat ‘bubblegum’ songs played on mainstream radio stations. She credits a class in college called, ‘Music as Discourse,' that revolutionized how she listens to the different layers of a song or artist, which still holds through on how she selects her music today. Some of her favorite genres: funk, psychedelic-rock, and anything by Prince.