DJ Cool Runnings & DJ Hi-Grade


DJ Cool Runnings is a Belizian Rastafarian who moved to California as a teen and has been in the Roaring Fork valley for many years. He believes in the spiritual lifestyle, Rastafarian culture and the almighty JAH! He grew up with classic roots reggae and still loves to play all the great artists of the 60's and 70's.

DJ Hi-Grade started enjoying reggae music in high school and furthered his passion for the music in the artsy music scene in Burlington as a drummer and bartender. After moving to Southern California, he grew dreadlocks and developed a liking for more clubby dancehall style reggae. He moved to the Roaring Fork valley in 2014, cut his dreadlocks and joined the work force. He is grateful for the opportunity to continue his journey with reggae music and searching for new styles and artists within the genre as a DJ for KDNK.