Kim DeFries


I would like to believe that I have some Irish or Scottish blood in me but with a name like "DeFries" it may not be likely (haven't done the DNA test yet!). Anyway, I have been attracted to Celtic music since hearing the late Fred Geiss do Celtic Thunder (the first to bring Celtic music to KDNK) probably 25 years ago or so. It just stirs something in me to hear bagpipes, Irish fiddle and the Gaelic language.  When asked once if I wanted to join an African dance group, my reply was, "I'd rather be clogging to Celtic music!!"  Maybe a past life?  I don't know, but whatever it is, I enjoy playing this music for all others who are also stirred by it. It's been a pleasure to explore this genre in more depth, as there is so much fine Celtic music out there!  I hope to be sharing this music for years to come and in memory of Fred Geiss, I hope a show of this nature continues on KDNK. 

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