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Current Ritual
Current Ritual airs the First Wednesday of the Month at 4:30 pm

Tune in to hear SS Kitty, aka Kat, talk mindset and behavior with a variety of guests. As an occupational therapist, Kat knows that our well-being is rooted in habits, roles and routines. Let’s shed light on a variety of holistic health topics including self care, nutrition, play, intimacy and plant medicine. If you want to learn more about Kat and nervous system health, her website is

Latest Episodes
  • On this episode, Kat interviews a birth and post partum doula, Bella Bailey. They get into hot topics including the history of midwifery in America, home birth, hospital birth, post partum needs and why Bella believes that pregnancy, birth and post partum are sacred rites of passage, not medical conditions.
  • This month on Current Ritual, host S.S. Kitty interviews Auston Tribble, organizer of Grovestock Music & Art Festival in Glenwood Springs.
  • This month on Current Ritual, host S.S. Kitty interviews Jaime Fiske of SUP Marble. They discuss all things paddle boarding, what’s going on up in Marble this season, and local activities to consider during our beautiful Colorado summer.
  • Kat interviews holistic coach Mindy Arbuckle, with a focus on waking up your true nature–and enhancing modern living with ancient traditions. The divine feminine, embodying yourself, and tapping into your gifts, all on this month's episode of Current Ritual.
  • On this episode of Current Ritual, Kat interviews Annie Worley, one of the founders of Carbondale's Environmental Board.
  • On this episode of Current Ritual, Kat interviews Davis Cowles, the founder of Moon & Back Coaching.
  • In this episode Kat interviews Jim Harris about his experience using psychedelic mushrooms to recover from a spinal cord injury. The conversation weaves through personal experiences and opinions around harm reduction. Kat and Jim discuss the future of spinal cord and other rehabilitation for physical disabilities, which has been mostly left out of the current research into psychedelic medicine.
  • Kat interviews Harper Kaufman of Two Roots Farm to discuss the ups and downs of being a farmer in the Roaring Fork Valley. Learn about winter farming methods, the Two Roots CSA and Harper’s passion of connecting community with their farmers and food. Listen in and let’s grow together!
  • On this episode of Current Ritual, host SS Kitty interviews Hamilton of Hamilton’s Mushrooms. They discuss filmmaking, proposition 122, and the emerging Mycological society of Colorado.
  • On this episode of Current Ritual, Kat interviews Adam Hutchison, an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner. If you want to learn some basics of Chinese medicine, what to be aware of with the changing of the seasons and how to foster a healthy nervous system, you don’t want to miss this episode. Adam and Kat also dive in psychedelic healing, the Lucia Light and a new offering for a nervous system reset ceremony. Kat and Adam created the ceremony together and they named the experience, The Embodied Light Journey. Check out Adam at