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Immigrant Stories

What would it be like to be an immigrant, to leave your home, family, culture, and country to face the unknown in a strange land? Join host Walter Gallacher as immigrants from around the world tell their stories of survival, alienation, persistence and triumph.

Latest Episodes
  • On this episode of Immigrant Stories Mercedes Garcia reflects on her childhood in El Salvador surviving the civil war and fleeing the gangs that filled the void of war.
  • On this episode of Immigrant Stories, Klaus Penzel remembers being drafted as a boy soldier into the desperate and retreating German army, during the last days of World War II.
  • Tune in as Paul Freeman, principal at Glenwood Springs High School, reflects on growing up, an Irish immigrant boy, in England and managing a high school during the pandemic.
  • Tune is as John Tripp reflects on his long life and the harrowing years of World War II frightening alongside his band of brothers in the Tenth Mountain Division.
  • On this episode of Immigrant Stories, host Walter Gallacher interviews Ilias Satouev as he recounts his journey from his home in war-torn Chechnia to the Roaring Fork Valley just after the Russian-Chechnian War in 1996.
  • Tune in as Peter Seibert remembers his father, Peter Seibert Sr. and his quest to create the world class resort we now know as Vail.
  • Tune in for a program from Immigrant Stories 2016 archive. Dorothea and Doug Farris reflect on their sixty years together and the love that has sustained them through the challenges they have faced.
  • Tune in as Autumn Rivera, Glenwood Springs Middle School science teacher and Colorado's Teacher of the Year for 2022 talks about her life and teaching in…
  • Tune in as Kathie Weaver remembers her late husband Jim "Doc" Weaver and the history of the Jess Weaver Trail. You have probably heard Immigrant Stories…
  • Calvin Lee, artist and retired Roaring Fork Valley attorney and the son of Chinese immigrants, talks to host Walter Gallacher about Lee's parents' journey…