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Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears features conversations with people making life-sustaining choices. Human hearing is tuned for options that enable healthy choices. The nourishing rhythm of the sun and soil steady those who listen and stories from those breaking trails into a sustainable future inspire us. Have you ever sensed change coming, before it hit? Over the years we learn to expect change, it is happening now - we live in a time of transition. When change occurs, if we shift gears and are alert, more options are available. Join Will Evans for Shifting Gears the first Monday of each month at 4:00 on KDNK.

Latest Episodes
  • Art explains the challenge of living in a time of huge changes, the challenge of listening to people on all sides and coming to some sort of balance with ourselves, with those around us, and with our Watershed.
  • Fred Haberlein, inspires us with explaining the big event of the year for the Yacqui people - the New Year comes in the spring with the return of life and the triumph of good over evil. That is what happens in their ceremonies.
  • Art Goodtimes continues explaining his living world story and desire to go forward on as balanced a path and playful a path as he can.
  • Art Goodtimes is a Colorado poet, basketweaver, former Green Party elected San Miguel County Commissioner and Western Slope Poet Laureate. This is the first in a series of artful conversations with Art where he explains how much fun it can be when listening changes a relationship, if the listening is reciprocal.
  • There are places where nature and democracy meetCarbondale protected the Thompson divideTelluride kept the valley floor Forever WildAs kindred communities we remember ourcommitment to a living world story
  • On this episode of Shifting Gears, host Will Evans and Bill Kight revisit a conversation they had in 2015 about Arthur Carhartt.
  • The Terra Firma Rainwater Collective is weaving together the gathering and storing of rainwater for household use with the prevention of destructive erosion undercutting the foundation of people dwelling in two large cities along the Congo River. Distributing this healing story is a dance of local circles; people conversing in council on how to best benefit the community they live in.
  • A living world conversation with Raleigh Burleigh inviting us to turn our attention and respect toward the balance of our ecosystem nourishing the continuance of life right where we live!
  • As a young teenager, Katrina Blair, learned to listen to plants and live off of the land. Today she knows when she ingests wild plants, their resilience…
  • Jacob Liberman explains the relationship of seeing clearly, not just at optical level, but sensing life clearly during the most powerful paradigm shift in…