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Shifting Gears
Shifting Gears airs the First Monday of the Month at 4 pm

Shifting Gears features conversations with people making life-sustaining choices. Human hearing is tuned for options that enable healthy choices. The nourishing rhythm of the sun and soil steady those who listen and stories from those breaking trails into a sustainable future inspire us. Have you ever sensed change coming, before it hit? Over the years we learn to expect change, it is happening now - we live in a time of transition. When change occurs, if we shift gears and are alert, more options are available. Join Will Evans for Shifting Gears the first Monday of each month at 4:00 on KDNK.

Latest Episodes
  • From the Shifting Gears archives Fred Haberlein celebrates a Living World Story of the Yaqui people standing tall with beauty, goodness, righteousness, joy and freedom.
  • A Living World Conversation with Suzy Bean explaining, “Thank goodness by our design, we all have hearts, with their inherent propulsion towards something good.”
  • On this episode of Shifting Gears, join Dr. Will Evans in the second conversation with Mateo Sandate as he describes the path of his heart.
  • On this months episode of Shifting Gears, host Will Evans speaks with Alya Howe. Alya relates how a light of creativity has been illuminating a path to the January 6th Salon she will curate at the Launch Pad.
  • On this episode of Shifting Gears, host will Evans speaks with Mateo Sandate. Mateo explains what the first thing he did was – after completing the collegiate portion of his musical education.
  • This Living World Conversation from the 2018 archives with Hugh Kingery is about the American Dipper also known as Ouzel – a small aquatic song bird resident of clean source water.
  • In this Living World Conversation Marc Barasch expresses wonder at the extraordinary ability of natural systems to heal whether it is in the body or the environment itself. This is the metaphor of our time to shift from destroying to healing.
  • In this living world conversation, John Armstrong explains how the clarity of his respectful relationship with the Crystal River and leadership of CVEPA is rooted in years of drinking Source Water. “It is so much of my life force and source – it is what we are.”
  • In this Living World Conversation, host Dr. Will Evans speaks with Michael Johnson. Growing up in an Anglo and Hopi household, Michael experienced an internal conflict of cultures. As he learned to value and accept that contradiction, he learned a lot about his identity—where he fit in, and where he didn't.
  • In this Living World Conversation Lisa Dancing Light explains how her sacred relationship with our mountain grew into a children’s story and Song.