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Shifting Gears
Shifting Gears airs the First Monday of the Month at 4 pm

Shifting Gears features conversations with people making life-sustaining choices. Human hearing is tuned for options that enable healthy choices. The nourishing rhythm of the sun and soil steady those who listen and stories from those breaking trails into a sustainable future inspire us. Have you ever sensed change coming, before it hit? Over the years we learn to expect change, it is happening now - we live in a time of transition. When change occurs, if we shift gears and are alert, more options are available. Join Will Evans for Shifting Gears the first Monday of each month at 4:00 on KDNK.

Latest Episodes
  • In this living world conversation, John Armstrong explains how the clarity of his respectful relationship with the Crystal River and leadership of CVEPA is rooted in years of drinking Source Water. “It is so much of my life force and source – it is what we are.”
  • In this Living World Conversation, host Dr. Will Evans speaks with Michael Johnson. Growing up in an Anglo and Hopi household, Michael experienced an internal conflict of cultures. As he learned to value and accept that contradiction, he learned a lot about his identity—where he fit in, and where he didn't.
  • In this Living World Conversation Lisa Dancing Light explains how her sacred relationship with our mountain grew into a children’s story and Song.
  • In this Living World Conversation, Katrina Blair explains how commitment to authentic community health is a dependable North Star, a navigational beacon of clarity, beneficial to all—to oneself, others and the entire Earth.
  • Host Dr. Will Evans brings you A Living World Story on this episode of Shifting Gears. Turtle is the oldest symbol for Mother Earth. Turtle is an exemplar of a wise slow way of being. Many people see turtle as an aware presence of longevity and wisdom.
  • On this episode of Shifting Gears we hear A Living World Conversation with Jake and Mollie Shipman of Dooley Creek Farm. They discuss their goals of growing healthy soil and thriving animals, and to nourish them with the nutrients to help all of us stay healthy.
  • Living World Conversation with Katrina Blair about thistle. Katrina explains when engaged with the wisdom of connection she is aligned with the forces of nature.
  • On this episode of Shifting Gears host Will Evans speaks with Casey Piscura of Seed Peace. He explains with peace comes clarity of understanding and a more mature response to plants.
  • On this episode of Shifting Gears host Will Evans talks with Casey Piscura about his early connection to farming. Growing up he had an awareness that the family garden was a place of awe and discovery. It was inspiring for him to watch something proceed from seed to table.
  • When the growing cycle is complete the desire to leave the human confusion of the past year behind is not new; rather it coincides with the original meaning and purpose of New Year.Over a year, mistakes and misdeeds confuse life, the web of life becomes worn and torn and the world needs to be renewed. The New Year is not a simple turning of a calendar page, but a symbolic return to the beginning of time in order to restore to life its original potentials.In this Archival conversation from 2011 Evan Pritchard explains what he observed in one indigenous culture when an elder recognized confusion had entered a community.