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This I Remember

Between 1984 and 1999 the late Mary Ferguson had a Public Affairs program here on KDNK, “This I Remember.” Mary recorded all of her shows on cassette tapes, these tapes have been lost for years. Mary’s family discovered them and donated them to the Carbondale Historical Society. KDNK was able to digitize all of the tapes. In collaboration with the Carbondale Historical Society, KDNK is proud to present these conversations.

Latest Episodes
  • Willis Kinney worked for the Colorado Fish and Game department for 27 years, and he appeared on Mary Ferguson's This I Remember in April of 1984 as one of her first guests.
  • Ruth Fender was born into a Missouri Heights family and married into another. She was also the first female realtor in Carbondale. You can hear her story on this episode of This I Remember.
  • On this episode of This I Remember, Marge Valesky and Mary Ferguson discuss the establishment of Sopris Park in downtown Carbondale. Valesky arrived in Carbondale in 1954, and by 1967 she was deeply involved in those efforts. Listeners will also learn what used to be where Carbondale's 7-Eleven is now (spoiler: no roundabout, gas station, or even CO-133), and plenty about how scary the roads and bridges in town used to be in winter.
  • Rosezella Haff was born on a ranch in El Jebel and grew up there. Her family owned the Evergreen Cemetery at the north end of 8th Street. Rosezella appeared on This I Remember to tell the story of an unusual person laid to rest there.
  • Jenny Pattison arrived in Carbondale with her husband in 1936. For many years they owned a sporting goods store on Main Street. Hear her stories on this episode of This I Remember.
  • John Bolton was a native of Dry Hollow, south of Silt, and a lifelong rancher. He was also the president of the Silt Historical Society. You can hear his recollections on Mary Ferguson's This I Remember show.
  • Horst Eibersburg was an articulate Austrian hippie walking through the mountains with his donkey, Spatz. He appeared on Mary Ferguson's This I Remember in 1990.
  • Helen Tibbetts belonged to the very first extension club for women in Garfield County. Hear her stories on this episode of This I Remember with Mary Ferguson.
  • Nellie Duffy was a teacher, just like Mary Ferguson. She appeared on This I Remember in September of 1987.
  • Brad Hendricks had a long and deep involvement with both the operational and administrative sides of Mountain Fair in its 1970s infancy. He appeared on This I Remember in July of 1989 to recall the Fair's early days.