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The next KDNK Board of Directors meeting takes place Monday, May 20th at 5:30 PM. Click here for more information.
VOICES Radio Hour
VOICES Radio Hour airs from 6-7 p.m. on the second Friday of each month

VOICES Radio Hour is presented by VOICES in collaboration with Circa 71 Productions. This series is part of VOICES’ latest project in response to our intrinsic need to share stories, coupled with Circa 71 Productions’ mission to preserve memories and stories as the sacred archeology of our loved ones. The collaboration will bring about collected stories under different themes and voices from all walks of our community in the monthly VOICES Radio Hour. We hope this serves to preserve our oral history of who we are, where we come from, and who we aspire to be, through the tradition of storytelling.

  • This month, in anticipation of the 2024 Women’s VOICES Theater Project: Objects in Mirror, VOICES Radio Hour highlights stories of Theater Magic as told by members of the all-women production and design team.
  • At VOICES, we believe in the power of sharing our stories to connect, uplift, unite, and ultimately feel less alone. Therefore, we sat down with three Venezuelan newcomers for a conversation from the heart as a way to get to know their personalities, their tastes, music, and culture.
  • February is the month of Love, but we so often think about Love in black and white terms. You are in love or you are not. You have a love or you do not. But we know that Love comes in all colors, shapes, and forms, so we asked five community members who are single - in a traditional sense - about love, community, and family in their lives.
  • For this month’s episode of VOICES Radio Hour, we sat down with four residents of Sopris Lodge senior living and two middle school students from Ross Montessori for a round table discussion centered around the question: What are you looking forward to? The conversation unfolded to talk about upcoming travel, big changes in people’s lives and the state of the world, even the lasting impact of Elvis Presley!
  • This monthly presence on KDNK explores different themes and invites diverse voices in our community. We continue with our eleventh episode Un-Comfort Zone.
  • This month, in the wake of her passing, we honor VOICES’ Founder and original visionary, our Unsung Hero: Barbara Reese. It was Barbara’s belief that everyone had a voice to share.
  • This month at VOICES, we are amplifying and celebrating the voices of the Roaring Fork Valley's Spanish-speaking community. Don't miss an opportunity to listen, read or see stories by the participating artists of the current Nuestras VOCES theater project as they each meditate on their own unique identities and the broad mosaic of the concept of “Latinidad”.
  • We know that teachers change lives. This month, we hear from five passionate, local educators on the teachers and students that have changed their lives. Our storytellers share the humorous, empowering, and heartfelt moments that inspired them to answer the calling to be a teacher. They also reflect on what keeps them coming back each year to such a rewarding and challenging profession.
  • This month VOICES Radio Hour features “HerStory", recorded live at the event that took place on July 16, 2023 on the Thompson House grounds to a 175+ live audience.
  • This month on VOICES Radio Hour, storytellers from Taiwan, Germany, Argentina, and South Africa celebrate their heritage and their roots, in words and music.