Meet KDNK Board Member Amy Taylor + Cheyenne River Sioux File Suit + Legal Challenge to Trump

Feb 13, 2017

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  • A lawsuit has been filed, challenging President Trump's executive order that would eliminate two regulations for every new one adopted. Eric Galatas has more.
  • The Hemp Industries Association  - or HIA -  a non-profit trade group, has filed suit against the Drug Enforcement Administration for what the group claims is an illegal attempt to regulate hemp foods and other non-psychoactive hemp products, as drugs. The group states that the DEA is in contempt of court for violating a 2004 US Court of Appeals order, prohibiting the agency from regulating hemp food products as Schedule I controlled substances. Joe Sandler, attorney for HIA, says the agency has no power to regulate hemp seed, hemp oil, and the food and beverage products made from them.   
  • Meanwhile, the Denver Post reports that Colorado's marijuana dispensaries took in $1.3 billion from recreational and medical cannabis sales in 2016. Last year was the third year of regulated recreational pot sales in the state. In the first year, combined sales of recreational and medical marijuana generated almost $700 million, which increased to over $990 million in the second year.
  • The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe’s latest lawsuit to block the Dakota Access pipeline involves a claim that approval of the pipeline violates the Lakota people's religious rights. The Tribe claims that construction across Lake Oahe (oh-AH-hee) will desecrate sacred grounds. EnergyWire reports that the tribe could have trouble proving this. Experts cite the 2008 case of the Arizona Snowbowl Ski Area where tribes fought the use of treated waste water for snowmaking. An appeals court ruled that snow made from waste water did not prevent the tribe from practicing its religion. Attorneys for the Cheyenne River Sioux, however, say that the tribe would be unable to perform rituals that depended on pure water. A hearing is slated for this afternoon in US District Court.  
  • A proposal to repeal Colorado’s state healthcare exchange and move to the federal exchange has garnered a lot of debate at the capitol and set off a larger fight about the future of the Affordable Care Act nationally. Bente Birkeland sat down with statehouse reporters to discuss the dynamic as part of our weekly Capitol Conversation.
  • Amy Taylor is the newest member of KDNK's board of directors. Gavin Dahl learns more about the nurse and fundraising specialist who moved to the valley last year. KDNK’s next board meeting is Monday, February 20th at 5:30 PM.

    KDNK Board member Amy Taylor
    Credit Gavin Dahl photo